How To Get Best Insurance Premium For TVS Bikes

Best Insurance Premium For TVS Bikes

When it comes to bikes in India, TVS is surely one of the most popular names in the market. The bikes from TVS are known for their power, style, and innovation. So, if you have decided to buy a new bike, a TVS bike should serve you right. With the bike, you must also purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy, as it is mandatory as the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Riding a bike without insurance is illegal in India.

However, you cannot just buy any insurance policy for your bike. You need the cover that is perfect for your requirements. You can choose between third-party and comprehensive plans from a reliable insurer.

Among all the important aspects of an insurance policy for a two-wheeler, the premium is one of the most critical aspects. Understandably, you do not want to pay a price that is too much for the benefits you will receive. You must find out the ideal premium payable to avoid overpaying for your two-wheeler insurance. Explained ahead are a few ways to do that.

Using the two-wheeler insurance calculator

The TVS insurance cover that you are offered from an insurance company depends on the premium you pay. To know the premium of different policies, you can use an online premium calculator. It requires you to enter some basic information regarding your bike and requirements. Once you do so, the calculator presents you with the premium values of different insurance companies. You can then compare these values to know which insurer is offering the most competitive numbers.

Apart from the premium, the calculator also shows you information about different policies and their benefits.

The benefits of a two-wheeler insurance calculator

Bike insurance calculators have different features that help you find premium and other information regarding different two-wheeler policies. Listed below are some of its benefits:

  • A two-wheeler insurance calculator saves a lot of time by automating all the mathematical calculations
  • The calculator does not favor any insurer; hence, you find the most authentic data
  • The tool is available for free
  • The calculator uses all the available information given by you to provide data about all the best insurance companies so that an accurate choice can be made
  • The tool helps you to determine the specific aspects of an insurance plan, which are responsible for the cost of premium

Decide on your two-wheeler insurance add-on covers

To get the best insurance premium for your TVS bike, you need to decide which add-on cover you need. The add-on covers offer you extra protection; however, they increase the premium. Some of the add-on covers that should be considered are zero depreciation cover, personal accident covers for co-passenger, and roadside assistance.

When comparing the premiums, be careful about comparing the cost with the benefits of a policy to determine which insurance plan will serve you the best.