How to choose Fleet Tracking that suits your Business


Imagine it this way, instead of hiring a manager who would sit in the passenger seat with you and monitor the vehicles and drivers on the road, you have a GPS fleet tracking system which will let you keep an eye on everything, irrespective of your location. In other words, the GPS fleet tracking software is your virtual ride-along.

Using this system, businesses can ensure that their vehicles are operating properly and efficiently. The system will also ensure that the drivers are behaving in a responsible and safe manner.

Additionally, the fleet tracking system includes hardware as well as software. The type of hardware your vehicle needs will depend on the plan you select.

Like our regular GPS devices, the fleet tracking software locates vehicles, sets routes and gives directions to the assigned destinations.

As you search for the perfect GPS fleet tracking service, you need to ask some important questions to yourself and choose that alternative which satisfies the majority of them. Questions like, how many vehicles do you want to track, what type of driver and vehicle information do you need to track, how much do you wish to spend on upfront costs and monthly fees, can the system address the problems that you are trying to resolve, will it improve customer quality, and many such questions that can help build a strong check-list for the perfect fleet tracking software.

For choosing the system that’s right for you, make sure that it has all those features which are required by your business. Most fleet management system offers a huge variety of features. These include:

  • Safety tracking for drivers
  • Integration with fuel cards
  • Options pertaining to communication and navigation
  • Continuous customer support

Some companies provide additional features as well, which are:-

  • Alert system
    This refers to the system where notifications are sent through texts and emails if something isn’t right with your vehicles and drivers like for your commercial trucks.
    Choose a provider that will let you set alerts for specific occurrences. For instance, if the driver has gone off-route or if he is engaging in unsafe driving habits, etc.
  • Mobile access
    Not all fleet management solutions support mobile usage. If you need an ‘anytime-anywhere’ access to your software, you need to make sure that it is cloud-based or check if the app is available for your preferred model.
  • Ease of use
    One should know that there are some highly complicated software applications out there, so you need to decide on choosing the one with a simple dashboard, the one that doesn’t require technical skills or has a steep learning curve. Many vendors do provide in-person or virtual demos. So, definitely try one before making a commitment.
  • Customer support: Find a vendor that will let you contact a representative for all-time help, be it through phone or live chat. Other kinds of support include email support, help-desk ticket systems, how-to videos, and documentation.

Though the price is an important factor to be considered while choosing the system that best suits your requirements, do not ignore other important factors as well. Choosing the cheapest service in the market could get you stuck with a service that does not perform well as compared to those which are just slightly more expensive. So, choose a solution that will best help your business reduce costs and also efficiently track your fleet.