Get in Touch with Your Fun Side through Innovative Fundraising Ideas


Fundraisers need not have to be boring. You can spice it up a bit with some fun and crazy ideas.

Bring It Out in the Open

Street art is gaining a lot of popularity. You can reel in some local artists to paint on the streets and gather money from people watching them perform live in action. 

You can even opt for paint and sip fundraisers where people can attend paint classes hosted by professional artists and at the same time have fun, relax and make new friends. If you want to bring out your adventurous side, you can host scavenger or treasure hunts across the neighbourhood. Get your neighbours and friends to participate and raise funds.

If you want to be unique with your cause, you can opt for themed fundraisers. It can either be costume party or cross-dressing, depends on what type of because you are raising the fundraiser for. You can even add in some challenging races or food games. 

It is All about Compassion

If you are not the type to plan outdoor activities, then you can target on the compassionate side of the people. 

  • Host animal shows with the help of your local animal shelter
  • Organize indoor games that can challenge the thinking capabilities of people
  • Making costumes is also a great way for people to stay engaged

You can even lease your creativity onto canvases by tying up with paint studios such as Uncorked Canvas, located in Tacoma, Washington. You can ask people to send in photos of their pets and the artists here will help paint them for you. Painting with this studio can be one of the fun things to do in Tacoma at night with friends or loved ones. You can check their event calendars and opt for the event of your choice. 


Your fundraiser needs to stand out for people to notice it. If your fundraiser is filled with fun activities, you can expect a lot of participation from people.