From Dispensary to Dinner Plates: Launching California’s First Marijuana Restaurant

California’s First Marijuana Restaurant

Before alcohol was legal, Americans created speakeasies. As legislation evolved and allowed places for people to drink, alcohol became a drink closely associated with celebration and lightning heavy hearts. Fastforwarding to 2019, as the cannabis consuming population grows, cannabis selling dispensaries are also expanding. Lowell Herb Company, a Southern California business at 1201 N. La Brea Avenue, is the first of its kind. Separated into three parts, including a dispensary, a cafe and an outdoor garden, this cannabis-friendly establishment has become the marijuana belle of the ball. Lowell Herb Company is a 20,000 square foot property; 2,500 square feet of an indoor lounge, 1,600 square feet of restaurant space, and an 1,800 square foot garden area where customers can partake in all things cannabis.

After four years of development, this cannabis-friendly establishment began as a California pre-roll brand and transitioned into an eatery. Lowell Herb currently has 11 partners and investors. Former Director of Restaurantat TAO Group Kevin Brady is the current General Manager of the new West Hollywood hotspot. Lowell Herb Company offers what they call Tableside Flower Service, which involves a Flower host educating guests on the available cannabis products. The host breaks down the menu of strains, where they come from, and how they will affect the customer prior to consuming them.

As the first marijuana restaurant, Lowell Herb prepares premium menu options using fresh ingredients from local farms. Chef Andrea Drummer, one of the nation’s leading chefs of the cannabis industry, creates a complementary menu that compliments the ambiance and high-quality organic cannabis provided by this restaurant. Drummer started with her own company hosting THC/CBD infused dinners nationwide. Chef Drummer’s menu changes daily depending on which natural ingredients are available and online reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance. As a guest, you can occupy tables for up to an hour and a half to enjoy the full experience.

California has legal recreational weed, so marijuana is at a surplus. For Lowell Herb Company, in addition to having a surplus of marijuana, focuses on growing high-quality, organic marijuana. As a marijuana restaurant, it is important to use the best quality product for the ultimate customer experience. Lowell is dedicated to only using natural products from seed-to-sale, partnering with the best coastal farmers. The marijuana restaurant ambiance is also made up of natural plants and materials. Unlike other marijuana growers, Lowell Herb is also pesticide-free, so no harmful chemicals or bugs on your buds.

Because of the Assembly Bill 1465, cafes and lounges are allowed to sell cannabis products for consumption for patrons 21 and older, meaning underage customers will not be permitted. Aside from pre-packed infused edible options, Lowell Herb Company sells merchandise including cold-pressed cannabis oil, all-natural CBD Hemp, marijuana equipment (rolling kits, carrying cases), and memorabilia (stickers, clothing, posters, and custom vending machines) that can all be found on their website. When visiting the site, pets are not allowed unless you have a legal service animal. Lowell Herb Company hosts private events from movie premiers to lectures. For inquiries about making rental reservations or if you have licensed products you wish to sell, shoot them an email.

The marijuana restaurant industry, while just starting, is an innovative business venture fusing two of America’s favorite pastimes: smoking and eating. Even though this brand’s primary focus is on their West Hollywood location, talks of expansion are possible in the near future. With the fresh air, beautiful trees, and organic cannabis flowers, Lowell Herb Company is going to be the talk of the town after its September opening.