Digital Marketing Tools We’re Thankful for This Year

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2020 should be a year when every business performs better than the previous years. Developers have provided excellent digital marketing tools that will help you to achieve better results as well as enjoy the best return on investment. If you thought that the tools were a luxury, you should consider that automating your digital marketing will result in a 12% reduction in cost of sales and a 14% increase in sales volume according to Invesp. It is the innovative digital marketing tools that will facilitate automation. The same report indicated that 80% of clients who used automation tools witnessed an increase in traffic and conversion. Digital Marketing Agency provides you with the most relevant and updated tools for your campaign and online branding. Here are the tools that will transform your 2020 digital marketing campaign.


High ranking online and the ability to communicate with your audiences in a language they can understand will depend on the keywords you use. Moz is a tool designed to help you explore the length and breadth of you keywords. It helps you during SEO, one of the fundamental pillars of digital marketing.

Moz is designed for digital marketing and SEO experts looking for creative use of keywords in their content so that it does not appear mundane. It will also help you to know the words and ideas your target audience is using online. When the keyword explorer is used alongside SERP, you end up with content that boosts your organic search traffic as well as visibility online.


Successful digital marketing campaign results from extensive collaboration. As a marketer, you need to stay in touch with the client in order to reduce response time and get approvals in the shortest time. The digital marketing team also needs to collaborate in content development, brainstorming, analysis of results, and such other tasks. Slack is the perfect communication tool for social media marketing teams and their clients.

Slack provides chat and sharing options for individuals and teams. You can open a private channel for sharing ideas, brainstorming, and evaluating your project with clients or the team. The developers have also provided users with excellent support to enhance your user experience. It provides room for additional capabilities like reminders, calendars, notifications, and polls, among others that will support your project completion. UAE is providing excellent support to digital marketing companies allowing them to deliver the best services to their clients worldwide.


Plagiarism was not only bad for your school project. It is still abhorred by the internet and will kill your digital marketing campaign. Such apparently obvious line like a call-to-action will bring dent your campaign. Copyscape ensures that your content meets the desired threshold for originality. Digital agencies in Singapore also use the tool to check other websites that may be copying your content in order to raise a flag. This is the best tool whenever you want to produce original content for your SEO strategy.

Copyscape helps in online marketing by highlighting the specific areas that have been copied. Instead of reworking the entire article, you will rectify the affected areas. Duplicate content on your site or pages will also affect your ranking. Copyscape helps you to spot words or phrases that may be regarded as spam. Once duplication and plagiarism are removed from your content, you end up with the most unique and captivating content for your digital marketing strategy.

Facebook Debugger

Social media marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. However, sharing content on social media involves third party links, images, videos, and other content formats that you might have no control over. An innocent sharing across different social media networks may result in errors when someone clicks. The Facebook Debugger ensures that the links and content are in order before it is placed for public consumption.

The Facebook Debugger helps top digital marketing agency Singapore to review a post before it is made or shared. With the preview, you will be certain that your content will represent the brand accurately. If the debugger points at a problem with your image, URL, or description, among other aspects, you have the chance to correct it. Your social media content will meet the highest standards demanded in a competitive digital market.

Google My Business

Brew interactive research indicates that 88% of potential customers who make a localized search will either visit or call the business within a day. The same research indicates that 97% of searches online target local stores. Google My Business is the best tool to help you capture localized traffic and leads.

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to provide essential details like location, address, and a description of the services you provide. With a map to accompany your information, customers will easily find you. With voice-enabled searches, your business will be easier to find.

Digital marketing is made easier with the use of advanced tools to enhance your online presence and make your brand more competitive. Some of the tools are free while others will charge based on the features you get. With expert assistance, your 2020 digital marketing campaign will deliver the best return on investment.