Corporate Wellness Martial Arts For Your Working Engines


Ask yourself who the working engines of your business are? They are definitely your employees, executives, and managers. Therefore, if you need to empower your business like never before; you need to start with empowering your employees like never before.

The truth is that any possible solution whether it was in business, or any other aspect – must include and respect elements of what lies deeper within the human body, mind, and spirit. And keep on trying to balance all of these elements in order to optimize people’s best potentials in their personal and working life.

Surprisingly, there can be one solution that can boost all of these elements to their extremities. And this can be found through learning Martial Arts. Martial arts students tend to see significant cognitive and behavioral benefits. Such as improved focus, confidence, healthy conflict-resolution, memorization, self-cultivation, and self-motivation. As well as physical benefits like improvements in overall fitness like, muscles, joints, and bones. Our bodies are fiercely connected to our minds, thoughts, and feelings. For instance, consider body language as an interpretation of how what people think about can be physically expressed through their bodies, thus there got to be a way back; a reciprocal way to this notion. So if people express emotions and thoughts through their body. Therefore, emotions and thoughts can, in turn, enter their mind through their body as well. That is exactly what martial arts do. Its techniques and movements are designed to teach your employees physical and mental abilities through their bodies.

Martial arts techniques go further than the just within the Dojo, and can be applied to other areas:

  • Focus, which helps employees remain calm under pressure.
  • Confidence in highly competitive situations.
  • Commitment, assertiveness, and determination help employees set and achieve goals.
  • Reduced anxiety, depression and chronic stress will improve the quality of their work.
  • Developing quick decision making under stressful environments.
  • Flexibility and adaptation to act under any unexpected situation.
  • Improved memory.
  • Team spirit.
  • Stronger body, bones, and joints.

Simply because it offers an environment where they’ll have to stay focused and memorize every member’s movements in order to act and defend themselves. Now their brain starts to absorb information quickly, process it, and triggers their body’s nervous system to act fast and think fast because competitors are all around them. They’ll have to interact with people and learn how to be part of them. And finally, they will be encouraged to push themselves further than they believe they can go. It is a place where they have to confront challenges, set up goals. Specifically, under high levels of awareness. In brief, they can now deal smoothly with work challenges just because they’ve faced this before inside the Dojo. Furthermore, giving examples is considered as the best approach to clarify any idea, however, Martial Arts can be comprehended as an example which can clarify how work/life challenges will be. This might seem far-fetched for many. But yes, people can learn how to face life conflicts and challenges through physical manifestations.

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