Basic Operating Instructions for Split System Air Conditioners


A split system air conditioner is an air conditioner that has both outdoor and indoor components that are connected via tubing. The outdoor unit runs cool air through the indoor unit into the room. If you have just purchased or had a split system installed, this article will provide you basic instructions on how to effectively operate the system.

Before you turn on the AC

Before you attempt to use your air conditioner, ensure that it has been properly installed and that all connecting pipes are properly joined together. Make sure the power cable connected to the power source is as supplied by the AC manufacturer and has not been modified in any way to prevent overheating or power surges. Finally, open the cover of the remote control, insert the required batteries, and then close the cover of the remote control.

Setting up the AC with a remote control

Before turning on the AC, press the clock button and set the proper time on the remote control. Then, ensuring that you are within a range of about 4 meters from the air conditioning unit, press the “On” button to turn on the AC.

Once the air-con is on, choose the desired mode you wish to set the system to. Choose “Cool” to cool your room on a hot day, or choose “Dry” on a rainy day to reduce the moisture in the air and keep the room cool and dry. Alternatively, you can choose “Auto” to simply let the AC select its operating mode itself.

With the mode selected, you can choose the temperature that you’d like to set the system to. For most split systems, the selection range runs from 16°C to 30°C which can be chosen based off the rooms needs.

Setting up the AC without a remote control

If you do not have a remote immediately available (possibly due to damage or loss), you can still operate the system by using the ON/OFF button that can be found under the front cover of the air conditioner. Simply raise both sides of the front cover to find it.

Tips for optimal use

Now that you have your split system up and running, you’ll want to remember these tips:

When running your air conditioner, it is best to keep the windows and doors closed to minimize energy wastage. On sunny days, it is best to cover the window with curtains to keep the system from being exposed to direct sunlight and heat.

Air conditioner use should be reserved for when the room is occupied, and the weather calls for it. Using an AC to cool a room when the weather is already cool is a waste of energy. If your system has an “economy mode”, you should use it. This ensures that the AC is only working to keep the room moderately cool, thus saving energy.

Keep the filters of your system clean and the ducts free of air leaks. This will ensure the air conditioner works optimally and the room receives proper cooling.

Split system air conditioners come in different models and with different features. But if you follow the instructions in the guide, you will have no problems operating any system you come across.