Working Remotely Tips and Tools: 3 Ways to Best Optimize Efficiency


Despite the rapid vaccine rollout in the United States and other countries across the world, COVID-19 continues to be a threat. To help their employees stay safe, many companies continue to allow their employees to work from home.

Some businesses are even considering making the change permanent.

However, while safer and convenient in many ways, working from home presents employees with a new set of challenges. For many people, it’s hard to focus when they’re out of the office and stuck at home.

So how can you stay productive?

Keep reading for three working remotely tips and tools that will help you stay focused and productive.

Use the Right Apps

The right apps let you do everything from map out your workweek to manage a remote sales team. Using them at home is a must.

If you need better communication with your coworkers, Slack is a great choice. From sharing files to sharing memes, there are few things that the app doesn’t allow you to do.

If you struggle with scrolling through Pinterest and browsing Twitter during your workdays, you might want to check out SelfControl.

The app lets you block your own access to websites that would otherwise distract you. You can add whatever websites tempt you to the list then blacklist them for a period of time.

Treat It as a Day at the Office

It’s tempting to see working from home as an excuse to cozy up in bed while wearing a pair of pajamas. Try to avoid doing that.

Treat your time spent working from home the same way that you treat working at the office. Make an effort to wake up on time, shower, and look presentable.

It might seem tedious, but you’ll find yourself much more motivated to work when you take it seriously.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have a suitable working space. Your bed isn’t a viable long-term option—a desk, table, or even counter is a much better choice.

Eliminate Distractions

Sure, your cat is cute, and the TV is only a remote click away, but if you can’t do it at the office, don’t do it at home. Try your best to resist these sorts of distractions, as they’ll only set you back in the long run.

You’ll also want to make sure that your workspace is clean and clutter-free. Don’t let it get messy and out of hand, as that can impact your work efficiency.

If you choose to block access to certain websites on your computer while you work, do the same on your phone. Or, better yet—put your phone in another room until you finish for the day.

Take Advantage of These Working Remotely Tips and Tools

Working from home can be a challenge, especially if you’re not used to it. However, by using these working remotely tips and tools, you’ll be able to power through your work and keep your productivity high.

Did you find these tips for remote working to be helpful? If you did, take a moment to check out our other posts for more productivity-related guides and tips.