Why Parents Need to Take Step Against Underage Smoking?


Excess of everything is bad. People start smoking at different ages. Some start at 15 while there is who start at 10 and even many smoke after they are 20. It all depends on a number of factors. When it comes to the factors, the company, peers, environment, parental care, growth of kids, and other reasons are prominent.

Whatever the case is, smoking is never a good idea. Some people do it for fun but they find it hard to get rid of then. It leads to a permanent addiction which is dangerous and harmful for people of all ages. It takes some time to quit smoking. Doctors believe it is better to quit smoking at a young age. Otherwise, you will not be able to make up for the health lost this way.

However, a recent trend shows that smoking is becoming common among the young people and teens. This is called underage smoking when kids and teens of 10 to 15 years of age do smoking. This is the worst age to start smoking. For this reason, it becomes really important to keep eyes on the kids and help kids get rid of it if they have started smoking.

Effects of Underage Smoking

There are hundreds of effects of smoking. In the early years, like two to three years, people do not feel any harm. But with the passage of time, its effects become more prominent and health of the smokers starts to deteriorate. In the early years, immune system is strong so it has more defensive powers. Some of the effects of smoking are under given.

Lung Damage

The most obvious effect of smoking is on the human lungs. Whether it is a young person, an old man or a child- smoking will damage their lungs. As time passes, people keep smoking and this effects gets worse. A time comes when people cannot properly breathe.

Heart Diseases

In the last decade, heart disease has become very common. You will see ever second or third person with heart disease. Many of them are those who have been smoking for years and did not care about their health. Smoking is the major cause of heart problems and can prove deadly.

Fertility Problems

Various studies have found out the people who smoke have weaker sperms. That means smoking affects fertility in people. Moreover, it also depends on how long a person has been smoking. In the worst cases, smoking may lead to poor fertility, both in men and women.

Pregnancy Issues

Teen girls who smoke at an early age suffer the most when they get pregnant. There are chances the child born will become a smoker if the mother has been smoking during pregnancy. In this way, another generation is ruined. For this reason, smoking is considered very harmful.

Weak Immune System

The ultimate effect of smoking is on the immune system of humans. The immune system provides defence against diseases, infections and health problems. If it is strong, people heal soon and recover earlier. In a weak system, people catch more diseases. Smoking ruins the human immune system.

Measures to Deal with Underage Smoking

The effects of smoking make it clear that parents should take measures and steps to prevent underage smoking. For this purpose, they should take some steps like the given below.

Keeping eyes on the kids and teens is the best way to prevent smoking. For this purpose, a hidden spy app can also be used. This way, parents will stop their children from smoking.

Furthermore, parents should also get help of doctors if their children have started smoking. They should be admitted to rehab centers where they will be provided special treatment for dealing with this addiction. It will come in handy to help the teens and kids quit smoking and stay away from it in the future.


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