Why and When Should you Apply for a Business Loan


India is home to many small and big businesses who cater to this growing economy with unique and innovate products and services. Lack of finances usually becomes a major hurdle in the growth of such businesses. Business loan helps in easing out the financial burden of such enterprises. However, the decision to go for business loans are not that easy. It is very important to understand why and when one should opt for a business loan.


Businesses often find themselves stuck in a financial crunch. Lack of funds can hamper the smooth working of a business. Applying for a business loan to meet the basic funding issues of businesses is what is required. They help to meet the short term and long term financial goals of the businesses and is also an excellent aid as working capital to meet the daily expenses.

Another reason to apply for a business loan is its easy availability without having to put any collateral as security. This puts the businesses in the safe zone as they don’t have any asset like machinery or property to lose in case they default. With Fintechs like LoansJagat enabling simple business loans, the whole process of application and loan disbursal is efficient and quick. The easy repayment options make it an attractive deal for businesses in need of immediate funding.


It is advisable to apply for the business loan at the right time to gain the maximum benefits from it.

  • Business loans can come handy during the initial set up process when one faces a shortage of funds. Preparing your business in the starting requires ample amount of funding. Buying machinery, tools, instruments, equipment etc and procuring manpower requires considerable money.
  • When your business picks up the pace and you want to expand or diversify, business loans can be an excellent financial aid during that time. Marketing, advertisements, giving a bonus to the staff etc requires a lot of money. Business loans help you touch heights and ensures that money doesn’t hinder the growth of your business.
  • Businesses are like a pool which requires continuous funding. Getting new machinery or raw material takes you down by a considerable amount. Business loans provide the necessary financing which helps in increasing the production and thereby profits. Equipment financing aspect of business loans can be secured with the equipment itself thereby saving you on some interest rates.
  • Seasonal businesses can avail business loans to purchase inventory. As these loans are disbursed quickly, they help you grow your business faster.

It is very important to apply for the business loan at the right time. There is never enough money to be put in the businesses, but careful planning of funds is crucial if you want the business to be profitable and not engrossed in debts.

Some vital reasons for why the timely application of business loan is beneficial.

  1. If the business loan is applied too early, much before you have the things sorted and planned can result in haphazard usage of funds. This will directly impact your repayment ability and you may end up using the loan amount for elements which are not critical.
  2. If you avail business loan too late, then chances of the businesses being trapped in the financial emergency are high. If the crucial time is gone, management of assets and business will be difficult. This could end in your business falling to the ground level.
  3. However, if you apply for the business loan at the right time then you can meet the growing demands of business which will help it flourish.

Business loans are there to help you sail your business during the emergency hour when it needs the requisite funding to meet the desired purpose. One must have a clear vision of how to use the loan amount so that they can be optimally put to use.

The other key thing which the business owners should keep in mind is to compare different lenders for their offerings in terms of rate of interest, loan amount, loan tenure, EMI, processing fees etc so that they can choose the one which best fits their needs and requirements. Business loans are there to help you thrive your business. The business owners thus ensure timely repayment of the loan amount and try not to default else it could result in bringing down the credibility of their businesses resulting in not getting loans in the future. Platforms like LoansJagat offer a transparent platform which a business may use to choose the right lender for their needs.