Which is the Best Method to Connect a Smartphone to a Smart TV?

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Much of the multimedia content that we view daily and enjoy on our personal mobile devices, whether it is a smartphone or tablet can be seen on your Smart TV. Modern televisions are also making unstoppable progress in providing digital content and adopting new technologies. Not everything was going to be taking notes on a tablet.

It was inevitable that both systems had a point of union: the possibility of sharing content from our smartphone or tablet on a television. We can do it in many different ways, some more interesting or accessible than others. Smart TVs greatly facilitate the task of connecting the smartphone or tablet to our television, something unthinkable 10 years ago with the old televisions and mobile phones that we had.

As always happens, the first connections between smartphones and televisions could be completed thanks to the use of cables that transmit the video signal, with HDMI being the most popular. The micro-HDMI ports standards have been the most outstanding in this regard. Quickly, the use of WiFi and new technological implementations in televisions were turning the tables, and now it is much easier, faster and less cumbersome to share the signal or multimedia files of our smartphone or tablet using the local or individual network of each device.

Using your own WiFi network and a Smart TV

If we have the best Smart TV and a latest generation smartphone, the applications of both devices will act as a “link” so that we can enjoy all the multimedia content that we view on the smartphone. A clear example is the YouTube application for Android, which allows us to directly stream or “cast” the content that we are watching on YouTube directly on a TV with a Smart TV that is on the same WiFi (or local) network as our smartphone. You do not need any external application except pressing a button.

Using Miracast

Miracast is a type of peer-to-peer (device-to-device) network that uses the WiFi connection of the TV and the smartphone to transmit images in real time. This allows us to use the television screen, literally, as if it were the smartphone, but making a replica of what we see on the smartphone screen, since we will not be able to control anything using the television. This type of connection was very popular a few years ago, and many televisions continue to incorporate such functionality today, but it is less relevant than other types of connections more used today.

Using an HDMI cable connection

The last option, and one of the favorites of many users who want to make a high-speed connection between their televisions and smartphones or tablets, is to use an HDMI cable directly from our mobile device to the television. Using a laptop will be a simple task, since many incorporate an HDMI connector directly, but on smartphones and tablets the thing changes: it is very difficult to find devices that incorporate an HDMI port (or micro HDMI).

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