Where To Share Your Blogs After Publishing


A Blogger’s main priority is to write quality content and wait for the audience to come and read their blog. But the wait feels monotony when it takes too long.

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Despite of producing excellent content, our content goes unnoticed and ranks low in the search engine. Even some of our best content goes without being noticed.

The best and an easy way to get the traffic driven to our website is to make our content search engine friendly, so that people can find our content organically.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen always. This could be one of the reasons why we should promote and share our content on social media sites and to other websites in order to increase visibility, traffic and B2B sales opportunities.

After publishing a piece of content, you just can’t sit and wait for the traffic to come and read your content on its own. If you really do so and think that your content will get viewed automatically, you’re into a big misconception.

How will people get to know that you have written something on XYZ topic? You need to tell them. Activate yourself and contribute your efforts toward promoting and sharing your content among people. You are already aware of where your audiences visit regularly. Correct? Then, what are you waiting for.

Social networking sites like Facebook can definitely sound a great platform to share your content but on Facebook you mainly have audiences who are either your family or friends. They will hardly pay attention to what you write. Therefore, you should share your contents elsewhere websites and social medias too to reach large number of interested audiences.

Places To Share, Promote and Distribute Your Content After Publishing

As I already said that you know where your target audiences are, you need to follow those sites and share your content there. Don’t get trapped while sharing your contents only to those websites where everybody else is sharing.

Here are few places that you can think of sharing your contents to those places. Some of the places may be a right fit for your content to get potential audiences however, some of them may not work for you.

  • Guest post on bigger sites

There are some sites that host articles from variety of writers. Such big sites have number of audience visits each day searching for something specific. Contributing your writing to such websites can result fruitful and will bring audiences to your website.

All you need to do is to write targeted content to attract specific kind of audience. Even, some websites allow to repost the existing content where you can insert links to your new content or the contents that have already been published on your website and repost it.

Here’s a list of some bigger websites that offer opportunities to other writers to write for them:

It’s a thumbs up for you if you have a mailing list or newsletter of local subscribers. Because you can send them all your posts or some special posts based on your choice and requirements. This way a mailing list can be helpful in sharing the content to most of the audiences.

  • Google+ Communities

There you can find people with your mindset and same thoughts. Although it’s not very popular but some communities there, are always active. You may look for your topic, if some community is active. If things are going well then you too need to be active on that community and on the Google+.

  • LinkedIn Groups

Well, it’s known to everybody that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. People from every business community can be found there. People with the same mind skillset, with same background, same profession etc. can be found there. You just need to ensure that the content you produce is a quality content.

LinkedIn contains a directory of group where you can find your own where you think your content can be published, shared and paid attention. You can also put links to your website in the posts so that they can be directly driven to your website.

  • Tumblr

Tumblr can be a great place to write and share your content as it’s amazingly awesome to bring traffic to your website.

One can post any article and can add relevant tags. Again, you can follow and connect to like-minded people here.

  • Edit old posts to add links to your new content

One of the best to get your contents read and viewed is to edit your old posts and add links to your new content. It would be better if you pick some of your popular posts and add links there. This way you can lead your visitors to read your new content. This interlinking will also help with your SEO.

  • Answer questions on Quora

Answering questions on Quora can also be a great way to share your content to target audience. While answering, you can answer and put the links for more content or can put the links for the same content to continue.