What is a proxy server and what is it used for?

proxy server

A proxy server is a remote computer server that redirects (broadcasts) Internet traffic between networks. In fact, a proxy acts as a kind of intermediary between the user and the rest of the Internet network.

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The main feature of any proxy is the fact that the entire “rest of the network” sees the user’s address as a proxy address. That is, if a proxy is registered in Russia, and a user from the United States connects to it, then for the entire Internet community this person will be “visible” as a network user from Russia. It is very convenient and can be used for a variety of purposes.

For example, some Internet resources allow only users of a specific country or an entire region to register or download certain software. By connecting to the resource through the required proxy, you can download all the necessary information without any problems.

Currently, there are several ways to use a proxy – web proxy, HTTP proxy and additional applications (programs) that initially change your Internet address for all software and browsers on a personal computer or mobile device.

HTTP proxies focus on communication between HTTP-based web servers and a client device. As a rule, such methods are primarily necessary to guarantee the protection of the user and his computer from external influences, pre-filtering potentially dangerous addresses and domains.

Web proxies work in much the same way, but only change the network address of a specific browser or, in general, a single page or tab. Such measures are most suitable for anonymous Internet surfing. Software proxies are the fastest and most stable, most often used for parsing and working with social networks.