What is a good time tracking software for my employees


Tracking the time of your employees can be a bit of a pain. It takes up valuable time and makes you the sole point of responsibility for this, when you have so many other things to do growing a business. So, software that tracks their time is invaluable.

SINC Free Time Clock is a great little tool that can be downloaded to smartphones and used to track the time of your employees. It is simple to install and use, yet incredibly effective at tracking the time of your employees and producing reports that can be used for performance monitoring and payroll. It is a mobile solution that works online and offline, so there is no worry if you have team members out in the field.

Best of all, it delivers you a real-time view of what is going on in your business. There are functions to build a profile for each team member, so you can have all this and more at hand –

  • Staff time sheets
  • On-shift locations
  • HR notes

And SINC also has the function where your team can feed back safety concerns directly through the app. This pouts you in control of the most important part of your business – your people and their welfare. If you want to ultimate your timekeeping, then SINC is probably the best solution for you. It is backed by the Google Cloud Platform, so you know the data is secure and backed up at all times.

Taking this manual task out of your weekly workload can free you up to carry out more effective things in your business. We designed it to save you time and money. And the best solutions for business are built along these lines. SINC takes the strain out of managing the hours of your team. Tracking just got a whole lot easier.