What Can An Accountancy Firm Assist You With



You need to have a firm grasp on your finances when you are running your own business. When you need any kind of help in this area, you should hire a specialist firm rather than attempting to do it by yourself.

There are several reasons why you should hire an accountancy firm:

  • They have an innate understanding of the law surrounding finance.
  • They can take the stress of dealing with company finances away from you.

You may be aware of some services that an accountancy firm offers but you may be unaware of some others. You can select the exact services that you need after you have preliminary meetings with several accountancy companies.

It is important that these firms are completely transparent in their dealings with your business. This helps to create a degree of trust between yourself and the accountants.

What can an accountancy firm assist you with?

Monitoring Company Finances

  • A specialist firm of accountants such as Barrett and Partners can be hired to monitor the income and expenditure of a company on a monthly basis. This may be something that you are too busy to do by yourself.
  • They will send reports which are easy to understand and they will give you an idea of how well your company is performing.
  • You can make changes to the company based on the information that you are receiving.

Financial Audit

  • A financial audit is a report on the finances of a company. This is usually compiled at the end of the financial year.
  • You may not be able to do this audit by yourself, so you can hire a firm of accountants to take care of the process.
  • The audit report can then be submitted to your shareholders and to the department of taxation.

Setting Up A Company

  • Setting up a company requires a large amount of financial planning and advice.
  • A firm of accountants will be able to assist you when the company that you want to own is being created.
  • This will ensure that the company is set up legally under the confines of the law.

Fund Investment

  • You may want to make your company more successful by helping profits to grow rapidly.
  • You can do this when you invest some of the company profits into stocks and shares. If the values of the shares increase, then you will make your company money. You can cash in on your investment at any time that you like.
  • A firm of accountants will help you with these kinds of investments.

Taxation Law

  • Taxation law is constantly changing, so an accountancy firm can be hired to make sure that you are always kept in the loop about what applies to the industry that you are operating in.


An accountancy firm can help with every aspect of business finance. You will not have the stress and worry of dealing with the company numbers all of the time. Instead, you can leave that responsibility to the experts.