Water Cooling Towers—Types and Features


water cooler

Water is a crucial part of all manufacturing plants irrespective of the scale of operation. While some industries use water in processing of goods, other use it as an agent that fulfils a greater purpose. Some sectors where water is used as an agent are oil and gas refineries, power plants, etc. where it is not required as an ingredient but as a medium that helps in smooth functioning of the manufacturing plant. Water cooling towers play a crucial role in such sectors.

What Features Should a Water Cooling Tower Have?

Apart for fulfilling the basic purpose of releasing the trapped heat in the atmosphere, water cooling towers should have the following features:

  • Robust casing
  • Powerful suction tank
  • Durable (anti-corrosive and leak-proof) material
  • Effective design

What are the Different Types of Water Cooling Towers?

Water cooling towers manufacturers offer a variety of water cooling towers. Two broad categories of water cooling towers are:

  • Closed-Circuit Cooling Towers: As the name suggest, these type of cooling towers use dry cooler to bring down the temperature of the fluid.
  • Open-Circuit Cooling Towers: These types of cooling tower release heat using the method of evaporation.

While these are predominantly the two types, water cooling towers manufacturers also provide variety in terms of the shape of the cooling tower. The cooling towers are available in round, rectangular, or square shapes as well. The internal fittings and composition of a tower varies according to the size but the end function remains the same.

Another classification of water cooling towers is based on the assembling or building that is on-site building or pre-packaged from the manufacturing facility and installed on premises. Industries usually decide the type (on-site or pre-packaged) based on the nature of products and the scale of production.

Why Does Type of Cooling Tower Matter?

While all cooling waters tend to serve similar purpose, the type does matter. Let’s look at some reasons why type of cooling tower matters:

  • Facility Aesthetics: Sometimes a manufacturing facility is designed to accommodate a certain size of machinery and that is when various types of cooling towers come in handy. You can select the size and dimension according to what will fit perfectly in your facility.
  • Capacity: Different types of sectors would require different capacity of water cooling towers and that is the reason not any cooling tower would fit anywhere. You might like a shape but looking at the capacity, the manufacturer might suggest a better alternative because of intricacies involved.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Almost all manufacturers provide maintenance and repair services, but then some type of cooling towers require less maintenance in comparison to the other alternatives and are also less prone to damage because of built material. Sometimes, spare parts of a certain type are cheaper than the parts of other types.

Water cooling towers are an integral part of various industries and therefore a careful inspection is required before selecting the right type. Please write to us in case you have any suggestion or feedback.