Understanding Torque Converters


An Allison torque converter can be made to meet the specific needs requested by the client. The automatic engine transmission can be very powerful and will allow a smooth shift while getting the most out of horsepower.

Torque Converters

About the Torque Converter

These converters are often found on equipment that is used in the construction field. This includes crane carriers. These converters are also on equipment that is used in the oil field. The converters need to be reliable since they are used in these fields. The hp and the RPM range of the converters must be the correct ones to use on the projects. If a person is not sure which torque converter they should be using they should speak to someone that is considered to be an expert in the field.

Features of the Torque Converter

This converter does not contain gearing. There will be no issues with this function and it will run without a problem. The converter can work with different oil types including C3 and C4. There is an automatic flywheel housing. The dry weight is between 700 pounds and 1,400 pounds. The conversion ratio can be customized based on the type of system that is being used. There is a control system so that the torque can be used hydraulically. There is a mounted cooling element on the converter which will allow the system to cool down without a problem.

Built-In Features

There are some features that are built into this torque converter. This includes an oil system and an oil changing pump. There is a device that works as an oil cooler. There is even a device for easy mounting so that a person will not have to struggle with the construction. There is a standard housing for all aspects of the engine as well as the horsepower range. This is a wider coverage that comes for the engine horsepower. There are more parts that can be interchanged so that there are different options for installation. There is also additional versatility on the installation of the engine.

Basic Parts of the Torque

When a person is looking for the torque converter they will need to look for some basic parts that it will consist of. This includes the turbine, the stator with a sprang, as well as an impeller pump. This will allow the device to function and will work with the transmission.

Pump or Impeller

This is one of the main parts of the torque converter. The pump has several blades and works in a similar manner to the centrifugal pump. This will be covered with the housing and will be able to rotate with the flywheel.


This is similar to the pump but the blades run in the opposite way of the pump. This is why the turbine is found on the transmission input shaft.

Reactor or Stator

This is a complex arrangement of blades. This will allow things to rotate so that they will not bump into each other and things will continue to run smoothly.

The torque converter is found in many different types of automatic transmission vehicles. This can be found in anything from regular cars to those that are heavy and designed for additional performance. The torque is made up of different components and they all have a specific function in the way that the torque converter will be able to work and allow the car to get the speed that it needs.