Think You Have a Well-Designed Website? Ask Session Replay

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Do you think you have a well-designed website? Well, you might think so, but it’s quite hard to quantify with simple analytics.

If you’re looking to get into the core data behind each and every action on your website, you should be looking for session replay software. Session replay allows you to review all actions made by the end-user on your website.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about session replay. So that you can make an educated decision when it comes to choosing your software.

Whenever you’re ready to take your website to the next level, keep reading.

What Is Session Replay?

Imagine having to solve an issue that your customer is faced with when using your site. Would you ask them to send screenshots or would you have to go into a daunting Q&A to find the problem?

If you said yes, then you need to rethink your entire strategy for customer experience. You need to start by researching digital behavior analytics, and session replay is an important branch in this segment.

In essence, session replay allows you to track user activity from the start to finish by reviewing their actual activities. It provides you with instant vision upon many of your questions, such as:

  1. How do your clients use the website?
  2. Why did someone leave the registration page?
  3. Why do people leave a page and go back to the search engine?
  4. What is the max quantity of lines on a menu that customers will scroll>

And much, much more. Knowing the answers to these questions allows you to streamline your efficiency and address technical issues that customers might come across. But what matters the most is providing an impeccable CX, which is the critical feature for competitive advantage.

What Features to Look for to Create A Well-Designed Website?

If you’re looking to find a session replay software for your website, you need to be aware of certain very important features. To learn more about this, check out

For instance, time-saving will always equal money saving. Reduced handling time means that you can get through complaints fast, which satisfied the client and allows your team to serve more customers.

Ensure your replay software you can see the entire session, which will help improve the customer experience. Customers will not only benefit from knowledgeable and fast service, which will help them trust the company’s opinion, but it will also improve your website performance.

Also, for a potential customer to feel safe to follow with their transaction, they must feel at ease with their website and the entity behind the service or product. Entering payment details and personal info is something people must feel secure about. They should be at ease with your website and the company behind the service.

Keeping data privacy under strict regulations and laws will allow you to experience source-proof and tamper-proof data sessions with time stamps. However, to do this, you need to find software that is always adapting to new laws and notifies you when it does.

Why Session Replay Is Important for Website Behavior Analysis?

To illustrate the importance of session replay, let’s examine a case scenario. An insurance company already has Google Analytics, business intelligence, and log files of the app and website.

But they feel that they are not getting the full picture for insurance sign-ups. Customers are complaining that their sign-ups are being rejected at the end when they click “submit” which results in a greater churn rate.

They made use of session replay software to digitally record and capture user interactions where real customers are trying to sign-up. Using session replay as well as click maps and journey mapping, they were able to see the issues and determine where the site was not user-friendly.

Specifically, the insurance agency was able to remove the unnecessary form fields, provide better error messages, offer free text solutions, and simplify page design and structure, all of which led to a better customer experience.

With session replay, the insurance agency was able to fine-tune its sign-up process. After a menial 3 weeks, they saw their conversion rate triple.

The benefit of session replay was summed up by the lead of digital service – “Thanks to session replay, we were able to record user activity on our website for each action. Using funnels, behavior analysis, associate data, we were able to reach intelligent solutions and develop a continuous improvement plan to ensure we continue to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.”

By overlapping with digital behavior analysis, session replay allows a business to reach unique insights into customer root behavior as well as gain independence from IT.

Questions That Can Be Answered With Session Replay

To sum up, the capacity of session replay, let’s assess the question that can be answered with newly-found data.

  1. Why did the user leave?
  2. What exactly do people see when they arrive?
  3. What issues did my customers come across?
  4. How do I reproduce these issues?
  5. Why did they not finish the transaction?
  6. What path did they take and was it flowing?
  7. Where did customers struggle with the site?
  8. Which products were looked at the most?
  9. What happened on the servers when the customers left?
  10. Was the mobile experience as intended?
  11. Did we influence that customer to do what we wanted?
  12. Did anything happen that confused me?
  13. Where did they go when they stopped looking for products?
  14. Why did people abandon their carts?
  15. Which elements people had trouble interacting with?
  16. How can I see web data under a single platform?
  17. What did the customer do that shows my design is faulty?
  18. How do I make use of web traffic to relate the experience of the customer?

And the list can keep going on and on. There is no limit to what can be done.

Replay for the Future

Now that you know the value of session replay, you are well on your way to find out why your well-designed website is not so well-designed. It takes data to create an impeccable website, so do your research and learn about the value of session replay.

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