The Right Way For Choosing The Best Tax Accountant


As an individual or a small business owner, you had not given the thought of hiring a tax agent until now. However, tax season arrives and you find yourself in want of the right tax accountant services to support you. Looking for the best people to handle your accounts could be stressful. Nonetheless, knowing your needs and the rights ways can make the task straight-forward to you.

How can a tax accountant help you?

Tax accountants are extremely helpful for those who have more than one job or several investment incomes. Assisting in filing the correct returns, they also help their clients claim the tax deductions they are entitled to. 

Many times, freelancers, contractors, or self-employed people need the help of accountants to get them through various legalities like “Business activity statements” or “Pay as you go” installments.

How to find the best tax accountant?

To find out the right ones, you will have to cancel the wrong ones first. Cancel the accountants who tell you they can get you huge refunds or deduct many expenses even before they assess your financial statements. Additionally, you must ensure that the accountant is an official member of a professional accounting body. These include:

  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Certified Practicing Accountants Australia
  • Institute of Public Accountants

Now, to get to know the best tax accountant services, you can start by taking referrals. Preferably other business owners in your industry or attorneys, financial advisors, friends, and relatives can give you good advice. 

Next, you should look for the following characteristics to make sure they are the best ones to do your accounts:

  • Tax expertise

They should have distinguished expertise in all matters related to taxation. They should be capable of increasing your returns each year, planning your tax to just the amount you should pay, and providing a legal structuring with your business.

  • Audit Representation

Before you hire a tax, the accountant makes sure that they have the essential credentials to be able to represent you in an audit. Such circumstances may not arise most probably but you should always be prepared.

  • Experience and Personality Traits

An experienced tax accountant is more likely to draw up better accounts than an inexperienced one. Additionally, you should know the right personality traits to look for. These include being organized, having a keen eye for the details, excellent communication skills, and an understanding of your business.

Moreover, you will have to ask the right questions.  Enquire about their registration and qualifications, specialty areas, and also their fees. Ensuring these characteristics with the right set of questions, you can be assured of finding yourself the perfect tax accountant.