The art of interviewing a millennial


When it comes to hiring potential employees, the first thing that comes to your mind is skills. This becomes extremely important at the time of interviewing millennials. That’s because millennials are quite different from others. Certainly skills are important factors but not the only factor to be considered and given importance too. Apart from skills, cultural character is equally important. This means the interviews you conduct should emphasize on many other things excluding qualifications and skills.

You should be able to ask questions that help you decide whether the millennial candidates are perfect fit for your company. Will they be able to perform well in their zone? Will their personality or work pattern contribute and match the existing team.

There are a lot of questions that you need to look answers for like will the selected millennial candidates be able to live up to the fast-paced and challenging environment of your start up?

As an interviewer even you need to work on the question you will be asking based on which you will be able to hire the best millennial candidate to join your start up team.

Remember, how the millennial candidates answer is really important and their answers matter a lot. You can engage them in a conversation too as it will help the millennial candidate open up and reveal more that will be helpful for you to use it as a deciding factor.

Why our company?

Certainly, this is an unusual question and everybody knows that each company or job comes with a set of challenges as well as there are drawbacks too.

Now, the first thing is that millennial candidates you are going to interview approached you after doing a thorough research about your company. They may have found out that your company may not be perfect or the job they are applying for is not a perfect job, but still they want to be part of your company because they know that they want to grow, create a difference, learn, develop and grow to achieve something with your start up and play an important role in the company in reaching greater heights.

This will make them speak about their concerns as there is a kind trust they have in your company that believes in transparency, honesty and openness.

What was the most difficult decision you took in past few months?

You can ask this question to know and check the reasoning skills of the millennial candidate. You will come to know based on their reasoning how they handle tough situations and make better decisions.

Recruitment agency – told us that good millennial candidates will always back their decisions by logical reasoning and analyzing various aspects. On the other hand, great millennial candidates would make a decision using their interpersonal skills and data available.

Illustrate about a situation where you had to deal with loads of work and how did you handle the situation?

All of us sometimes or the other have to go through this situation where we have to work really hard to finish off the work and many people do it for the sake of finishing the work and just because they have no option either.

Now the type of millennial candidate you would want to hire should be efficient to transform even the most boring task into something that they enjoy doing it. In short they need to be self-directed and perform well in such situations too.

What did you do when last time you stared the clock and discovered that you are running out of time?

The question is really important to judge the time management skills of a millennial candidate. The millennial candidate should commit to a particular task and should know how to contribute to high creativity and productivity. This also means that the millennial candidate should be passionate about their job and rather should not think that they would be fired if not done.

Anytime you felt you were absolutely correct but still ended up following guidelines?

This question may sound bit different but it will help you assess the ability of the millennial candidate to lead and follow instructions.

Which book would you suggest for the team to read?

The question is quite common and every intelligent person is fond of reading books and if the millennial candidate isn’t able to name even a single book, then it could be matter of worry.

Any situation that made you think that company leadership was not right? What action did you take?

Well, some people aren’t able to answer this question while some others do answer it in brief.

Can you tell me what the following phrase mean for you – “This parrot is no more”

Well it is not necessary for every millennial candidate to answer and explain this quote but if the millennial candidate answers it, it is nothing like it.

Which movie you love watching repeatedly whenever it is streaming?

Again, it is a common question but that speaks a lot about a millennial candidate’s personality as an individual. This question simply helps you know more about the millennial candidate and it can lead to some fun in the conversation.

Tell me last time when a customer or colleague was upset with you and how it happened?

The questions help you know about how a millennial candidate handles such situations. Is he/she the one who tries to push the blame on others or are he/she trying to resolve the problem. There are people who avoid such situations as they can’t handle issues.

The millennial candidates who accept their fault and work on to resolve problem with responsibility or forget everything and just try to fix the problem are the ones who can contribute to the company.

What type of business you would like to start?

The answer to the question as which business they like to start doesn’t really matter, but what matters is that they have their own set of dreams, hopes and ideas.

What you think you want to learn in our company that would also be helpful in your near future?

The question will also help the millennial candidate understand the fact that you appreciate about people who want to grow in life.