We all have read “The Crow and the Pitcher” story in our childhood. The crow drops one pebble after another, and finally water rises ups, and the bird gets its drink. Why we are mentioning this in a post that is about converting fan and followers into email subscribers. The story gave us a moral impetus in our childhood. Now imagine yourself as a hardworking bird that is working hard on planning to increase followers and fans. The each fan or follower could be your potential pebble to help you in getting the drink. However to certain unavoidable circumstances all your follower and fans database is lost or think what will happen if the government ban the social media website from which most of your belonged. The previously mentioned situation is possible in all its reality. This decisive situation is the reason it is suggested that you must convert fans and followers into Email Subscribers. This post will further discuss three reasons to take this task of converting fans and followers into email subscribers.

More reliable database: – having fan and followers as email subscriber would be more reliable than merely relying on fans or followers on a different social media website. There is a greater possibility that a crucial post or update on your social media page would be ignored by fans as there are lots of other discussions and post that may draw the attention of your fan or follower. Having converted your followers into email subscribers will assure you that the information related to your business being at least noticed by the customer. As most of us at least look at the title/heading of the emails thoroughly even if we don’t want read it.

Social media is a ‘blind date’ whereas emails are about building relationships. Most of the company use social marketing as part of their branding, promoting and providing events information. This mass based approach does not let your potential customer feel special. Once, you convert them into your email subscriber then only you successfully create a   relationship that is based on loyalty and last long. When you get a fan registered as an email subscriber, then you have all the chances of converting that fan into your customer. As mail are still very specific and not generic like social media websites. The specificity of emails is what appeals to the subscriber.

Easy to distinguish between serious and non- serious customer. Most of the people on social media websites do not make any commitment. It could be the case that they have liked or followed your page just because they like any particular post published by you earlier, or they may be interested in gathering the information regarding the industry in which you function. And it would be a costly affair to your different strategies if you follow the numbers or data collected from social media websites then you would end up with drawing out a flawed plan. The surety of email subscribers is that the numbers you collect from this source are more reliable and assures you to plan out more effectively.

These preceding points will provide you a more substantial result that you may not get if you rely on fans or followers only. It is not guaranteed that email subscribers are the guarantee of success but yes it is guaranteed that whatever you do would surely reach out to the email subscriber and rest will be dependent on their discretion.