Take 5: Effective Safety Measures for Modern Industry


The Take 5 safety process is used worldwide across a range of industries, which include the mining and oil exploration sectors, and is popular because it is effective and take but 5 minutes to implement, hence the name Take 5. For any company that wishes to incorporate Take 5 into their organisation, a certain amount of preparation is required, with printed media an essential requirement, for obvious reasons. Luckily, there are online printers who specialise in printing safety media for industry, and with their help, you can be well prepared for the Take 5 introduction.

Employee Training

The initial stage would be to have a short workshop informing the staff of the concept of Take 5, and once this has been accomplished, you would hand out the Take 5 booklets to every employee, along with the other essential documentation that would typically be contained in a custom designed wallet. Your workers should understand that Take 5 is designed to improve safety in the workplace, which is something they will directly benefit from, and after answering any questions they might have, you can issue them with the printed media, and don’t forget signage and stickers, which act as reminders.

Custom Media Design

One doesn’t just have the information printed in a set format, as you want your company to be incorporated into the design, and with the help of the right printer, this can be easily achieved. Digital printing allows for very high resolution, and one can use a wide range of materials to give you the perfect surface for any environment.

Signage and Stickers

Take 5 works much better with the right signage in the right locations, and stickers can be effectively used to achieve this. The printer would be able to advise you on any aspect of signage, and with the right design, your workforce will constantly be reminded of the Take 5 initiative. There are many items you will require and by discussing your needs with an established printer, they can ensure you are well equipped to introduce the Take 5 system.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment and identification is at the very core of take 5, and after some initial training your employees will automatically review each specific task in the same way. The first step is to look at the task and the workspace and assess for possible risks, by looking at potential areas for damage or injury to occur, then you implement suitable measures to minimise those risks, which then allow you to safely complete the task. If you have all the resources, and a willing workforce, the Take 5 Program should reduce the likelihood of a work related accident, and by instilling the short routine into the employees’ daily lives, they will soon find it second nature.

Take 5 has been very successful since its inception and has been well received in many industries worldwide, and with the right printed media, the system provides an effective strategy for safe working practices.