Shopping 101: 6 Mode Of Payments You Can Use When Shopping

When Shopping

Shopping for some people is a way of relaxation and escape. Others consider it as having their “Me” time. But shopping can also be a way to spend time with others like your family and friends. Shopping brings out your creativity and artistry; this is about the pleasure that comes from admiring and enjoying a creatively put together outfit or room, with items you have purchased, whether it is from malls or online shopping.

Here are some modes of payment when shopping:

Cash Payments

Cash payments are a widely used method of payment. It allows unbanked consumers to pay for bills and online purchases. Carrying only the cash you prepared for a given product makes you stick to your budget easier and thus prevent you from buying more and paying for features you don’t need. Paying in cash means you never have to pay interest and no finance charges.

Credit Card

Credit cards provide you with additional purchasing power without the inconvenience of carrying around cash. When you use credit cards, you can shop now and pay for the items after a few weeks or over a particular month. Dozens of credit cards pay rewards on your credit card purchases that earn points that you can use toward merchandise or hotel stays. When using credit cards, you can avoid paying interest by paying your balance in full before the grace period ends. Credit cards are protected by chips, your signature and by your personal identification number (PIN).

Debit Card

Aside from credit cards, there’s also a debit card. It is also a plastic card that provides an alternative mode of payment when buying products or paying at restaurants. Many countries now accept the use of debit cards for a particular shop or restaurant. When you use a debit card, you are only spending the money you have rather than cash you don’t have. Debit cards are secure because when you use it for shopping, it requires your “personal identification number” (PIN).


One of the perks of using checks is that it makes sure your money is secure. It is less attractive to thieves than cash. It cannot be cashed out by just anyone because it is traceable. When you use a check, the bank makes a copy of every check that you use, and you can easily prove that you made a payment. Make sure that you know how to write a check correctly.

Bank Transfer

A bank transfer is a method of transferring money from one person or institution to another. Using bank transfers when paying for items does not bring any inherent risk to the seller, which makes it particularly attractive to both high and low-risk merchants that want to reduce their chargebacks.

Phone and Mobile Payments

Mobile payment is a new and rapidly adopted alternative method. Phone billing is now allowed to certain countries because it offers a flexible way for retailers to receive payment. Instead of paying with money, credit cards, or checks, a consumer can easily use their mobile phone to pay for a wide range of products and services. With this mode of payment, they’ll have to pay their bills together with their phone bills in a single transaction. If you want to learn more about easy payment methods when shopping, look at this article for further details.