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Huge e-commerce business or any business portal which needs a huge amount of traffic every month then it is essential that the client needs to host the website using a VPS server to ensure good performance. Without reliability and proper speed, the website will go down. If it happens then consider the losses website data or any other disaster, then the client lots of difficulties. At Onlive Server, we offer a complete dedicate server solution which will ensure that the client’s website is available online 24×7 without exception.

Get High-Quality Services

The Onlive Server Hosting Company is committed to providing 100% uptime, which means the client need not consider the website being inaccessible or slowing down. The Company ensures to take care of the whole migration process by removing all the hassles taking place on the website. Our Cheap Windows VPS hosting server is highly reliable because the website will have its server and there is no need for sharing with others. So, that dependency and speed of the website will never face downtime and never compromised the suddenly decrease the traffic factor. Another benefit offered by the Cheap Windows VPS server is that it offers additional security so nobody else will access the website rather than the business.

Why Choose Us?

Onlive server ensures to offer wonderful support service which the client want for. Other than that, it also offers major benefits with Cheap Windows VPS. So, the client has complete peace of mind by getting the VPS hosting. As well as the client can able to focus on their business to spread their business in significant areas.

  • 24×7 exceptional customer supports
  • Unlimited bandwidth and email addresses
  • Zero downtime at the time of website transfer
  • The Company take care of everything so the client can relax
  • Daily backups with free restoration
  • Enterprise-class SSD storage.

Reap More Benefit from VPS Server Hosting Services

Onlive Server provides the client with high-quality Cheap Windows VPS at a reasonable rate with plenty of VPS features that are required for the hosting sites. Get Cheap VPS Hosting server is made up of bare metal equipment and it is not shared with others rather ensures to provide premium resources. With the selection of OS, the client can make the hosting service quite easy & comfortable. Normally we offer windows and Linux operating systems. The Company offers the client root access to the entire VPS server so that the client can manage on the own. Furthermore, the client can also perform modifications such as installation, deletion as well as software updates.

Features Included In VPS Server

Owing to its customizable features, the client is facilitated to either include or remove the software form it. We also provide some other facilities like higher bandwidth for complex web applications, server monitoring service, fully safe and secure data, Web load management, firewall protection and many more. For better server performance get well-trained technical support team ensures to monitor the Windows and Linux VPS server throughout the day. The Company understands the needs of the business & provides the client with a high-tech hosting server at a reasonable rate so that any business class can take enormous benefits out of it.

Get Support For Customers

Get Windows and Cheap Linux VPS hosting is improved with extensive features such as firewalls, Cpanel, high bandwidth, managed services and many more. The Company also ensures to offer plenty of features at the cheapest rate which caters to the business strategies. The Company offers extended support services for the customer by offering advanced protection in safeguarding the hosting data. Also, get secure server data from any disaster or failure system. We always taking care of the necessary web data and backup and store it far away from the data centre so that the client can easily avail of the data whenever the client needs even in terms of disaster.

Consider For VPS Servers To Meet Your Hosting Needs

VPS Server Hosting comes with professional Anti-DDoS protection which is regarded as a perfect match for a game server, start-up, CRM system as well as any other project which needs a fast and stable platform. Eliminate the problems of old web hosting means, choose the Cheap Linux VPS hosting server plan to develop the online business and gain maximum profit out of it. Enjoy good peace of mind & decrease server management costs by choosing Cheap Linux VPS Hosting server management plans. Get well-trained senior technical support engineers are there to guide the client with the server administration process which is generally beyond the capacity of free-support incorporated within services.

Importance Of VPS Server Hosting

The Cheap VPS server hosting engineer will guide the client with the design & implementation of the mission-critical application as well as workload. Configure the RAM, CPU, storage as well as other segments of a VPS server to cater to the web hosting needs. The Company helps the client to automatically back up the website data so that the client can easily monitor, configure & modify the backup policies and recover the data by using a secure web server. The cost of web hosting using Windows and Linux VPS server is quite reasonable compared to the other servers.

Why Choose Get VPS Servers?

The Company provides the client full-range of innovative and Cheap Windows VPS infrastructures for web project deployment. Onlive Server products have been developed in such a way that it responds to the stability and performance needs & are optimized to assure the client maximum reliability & good value for hard-earned money. The Company has own complimentary services including user-friendly customer service, teams of specialist and support service. The Company always stands apart from the other competitors because we are willing to provide the client with exclusively wonderful services using unique technologies like computing technology, virtualization, hardware, and network.