Keeping an Eye on Emissions


One of the main goals of plants is to do their work efficiently, but it is also of utmost importance that they release as small amount of pollution into the environment as possible. While companies usually employ someone in their business to be in charge of emissions and make sure that they are within the allowed limit, it’s a good idea to have an outside company who has the experience and education to work with a business to maximise production while minimising the effect on the environment.

Efficiency Testing

Using flue gas analysis instruments to measure the efficiency of a company in regards to emissions is one thing that professional service engineers work on, to ensure that companies are within the guidelines of how much emissions they can release into the environment. This will help companies avoid long term downtime if there are any issues, as they can be taken care of quickly and without a lot of hassle, whereas if they are discovered later when they are a huge problem, it may take shutting down the company to fix the problem.

Compliance Testing

Most countries have very strict laws about the amount of emissions that can be released by businesses. Involving professional emission measure in Malaysia is a great way to make sure that pollutants don’t exceed the legal limit. It’s a good idea to have compliance testing done before official tests are run so that the company has ample time to take care of any issues before they will have to answer to the government for releasing too many emissions.

Process Monitoring

Another important aspect of monitoring emissions is keeping an eye on the limits of gas turbines. These need to be checked on a regular basis. The size of the system will have a lot to do with the amount of emissions allowed, and adhering to local laws and also to specifications set by the manufacturer will ensure that the company is operating legally and that there won’t be any issues with the equipment due to exceeding the manufacturer’s specifications.

Boiler Systems

Boilers are facing stricter emissions standards as time goes on, meaning that it is important for companies to stay on top of emissions testing to make sure that they will not exceed the legal maximum values for emissions and flue gas loss. This will also ensure that the boiler is running its best and that the company is not spending more money than is necessary to keep equipment working the way it should be.

More and more, plants and companies are under a lot of pressure to perform as well as possible but to still protect the environment to the best of their ability. It’s smart to get outside help from an expert in emissions control to ensure that legal limits aren’t exceeded and that companies are operating optimally.