Is ETFs Good Option? Learn from NEoWave Trading Services


Money management is a strenuous task and to be Safe and secure financially, one needs a customized financial plan and help of an advisor. Trading companies, in present times, are providing services through which the investor need not personally study and analyze the market; in fact, they will do it for them with great precision and risk control. Experienced analysts in trading can similarly provide well-detailed analysis on the current trend of ETF’s; let us brief a little about the same.

ETF’s and its basic features

ETF is Exchange-Traded Fund is an investment fund or marketable security and is quite like stocks.

  • An ETF generally holds assets such as a stock index or bond index, commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets
  • An attractive investment as their costs are low, a stock like features, tax efficient and remain close to its net asset value
  • Combines the valuation feature of both a mutual and unit investment trust
  • Types basically comprise;

-Index ETFs

-Stock ETFs

-Bond ETFs

-Commodity ETFs

-Currency ETFs

Actively managed ETFs

-Inverse EFTs

-Leveraged ETFs

For a layman it is just significant to know whether what he/she is investing in is secure and has good returns, rest depends on the right financial advice. Forecasting and trading service provides like NEoWave do this for the customers. The founder of this company is a great financial advisor and has laid special focus on ETFs and they have their mechanism which is superior to common investors. The company works on the concepts of the Elliott wave principle and as such is well aware of the highs and lows of the finance market.

NEoWave’s latest recommendations provide details majorly on these 4 ETF categories

  • World Markets which covers the major US and foreign markets ETFs and Options
  • Commodities; Covers Gold, Silver and other similar commodities
  • Currencies; Major world currencies
  • Fixed Income; Bonds, T- Notes, Real estate, and utilities

According to the company, Adding these coverage provides tremendous flexibility and income from non-trending markets. Their techniques based on Elliott wave trading model have been successful since years and there are reasons their studies are market proof. As an investor you are always aware that there might be flaws in buying and selling, similarly, ETFs might have their flaws and it is always better to know the insights of the professionals.

Services and courses being offered by NEoWave

  • Trading services which mean trading recommendations, detailed trading updates and expert guidance on trading strategies
  • Forecasting Service based on Elliott wave forecasting model that involves real-time price charts or wave charts and will improve your market analysis further
  • Trial subscriptions are provided to know the nuances of the trade
  • Professional and advanced Trading courses are offered

“Mastering Elliott Wave” is an edition released by the company which makes the forecasting scientific and objective based, if you are still in dilemma on your plans as an investor; reading this edition might clear certain doubts and help you further to take a clear decision.