How to Use Pay-Per-Click to Grow Your Small Business


Are you trying to find a way to increase your brand awareness? Investing in pay per click ads is one of the quickest ways to do it.

According to reports, companies can expect to increase their brand awareness by 80% when they invest in paid marketing. The question is, how can you get your first pay-per-click campaign up and running.

Follow the steps below to set up your first PPC campaign to start getting new customers.

Find Your Target Audience

While pay per click advertising is useful for getting new customers, it isn’t cheap. You can’t just throw money at the problem and expect to get results. Without information about your target customers, you’re going to blow your whole advertising budget.

You’ll need to develop audience personas to describe your ideal customers. Determine their ages, genders, and interests during this process. This information will help you create the rest of your pay per click marketing campaign.

Generate a List of Keywords

Now that you have a list of customers, it’s time to begin the process of deciding where to show your ads. For this, you’ll need a keyword list.

Ask yourself this: what would a search engine user type in to look for the solution my company offers? Your goal is to generate a keyword list related to the landing page you use for your ad campaign. The more targeted this list is, the more valuable the visitors are who land on your website.

Create Headlines for Your Ads

This is the phase of your PPC campaign where all your research pays off. You’re going to create the headline for your display ads.

You’ll need to craft a headline that speaks to who your audience is and the problem they need to solve. Ideally, you’ll create several variations of your ad so you can test several headline versions at once.

Bid on Your Ad Spot

You can’t just pay a fixed amount for an ad spot on the internet. There is a lot of competition, so the person willing to pay the most will win. You’ll do this by using a bid system to tell your display network how much you’re willing to pay for an ad spot.

You should see a list of the average cost per click for each keyword you target. You’ll want to bid high initially, so you get a lot of traffic at first. Even if this traffic doesn’t convert well, you’ll need a high traffic volume for the optimization process.

Optimize Your Campaign

Once your first campaign has run for a while, it’s time to start the optimization process. With the amount of traffic you receive from your campaign, you should have plenty of data to make this process happen.

To start, eliminate any headline that isn’t producing results. You want to focus on the best converting headlines from this point forward.

After that, begin altering those headlines and running tests on the modified versions. You’ll keep this up until you find a variation that leads to a profitable ad campaign.

Of course, this process can be intimidating and challenging for someone without experience. This is the ideal time to bring in a PPC services company to help you get the most from your marketing.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is Worth Learning

You can’t afford to sit by and allow your business to stagnate without trying to get new customers. While there are ways to get new business at a low cost, pay-per-click marketing is the perfect way to get immediate results. Start learning the process today, so you have a continuous stream of new customers.

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