How To Send Personalized Packages By Mail

Mailing Boxes

1. The first thing you should do is protect the object you want to send with bubble wrap or similar.

2. Put it in a box similar in size to the item and fill the free space inside with bubble wrap or other filler. Mailing Boxes made of cardboard are ideal for this.

3. Close the box with packing tape, so that it is well sealed and without the possibility of it opening.

4. Paste a label on the front side of your box with the recipient’s information: name and surname, full address, postal code, city and country.

5. One option is to take the package to a nearby post office or courier centre. There, they will indicate the price you must pay for the shipment and the delivery times. If you have any questions about what it may cost you, you can consult various local or national delivery service providers online. You should also take into account that the price will vary depending on the type of shipment: personal, business, urgent, 24 hours, before eight in the morning, etc.

6. If you do not want to use the regular mail service, you can also send it through another national or international courier. Consult different agencies to compare prices, terms and characteristics of the shipment.

7. Once you have chosen the courier, you can carry out the procedures by phone if you do not want to travel to their office. Call and provide your location information and they will collect the package and deliver it within the agreed deadline.

8. Payments must be made at the time of shipment. Businesses can open subscriber accounts and pay bills monthly.

Want to personalize your shipment?

Many businesses use custom adhesive tape to surprise and impress their customers.

Getting your adhesive tape is very simple. There are many companies that supply custom tape. You just have to follow a few steps, but first of all, you must be clear about what design you want to print on your tape.

We recommend that, in addition to inserting your logo or company image, you also include some contact references in your design, be it a phone number, an email, the address or your website. With this, you will make contacting your company much easier for the customer.

How can I customize my adhesive tape?

  • You first need to choose the quality of the tape you want and the roll measurements (66m or 126m).
  • If you do not know the quality of the tape that is best for you to pack your product safely, ask the provider for advice.
  • Once you have decided what quality of tape you are going to choose and its measurements, you just need to come up with your design.
  • Before finalizing the purchase, indicate the background of the tape you prefer (transparent, white, coloured, etc.).
  • Also, consider if your personalized tape will be one or two inks.
  • Wait for the final version of the image to print, usually in a PDF file, and if everything looks good, approve it for printing!

In a few days, you should have your custom packing tape!