How to Improve Your Maintenance Practices



Because of improvements in technology and innovation, both small and large organisations can improve their maintenance practices with the use of the right software. By using the technology, you can minimise the amount of downtime and enjoy the advantages that a paperless maintenance management system provides.

How Maintenance Software Can Help

That is why many engineers are turning to software that makes it easy for them to better handle their maintenance practices. For example, software that is available can assist with the following:

  • Leveraging the workload of a maintenance team and enhancing employee performance and morale
  • Overseeing daily inventory and operating costs and getting rid of any superfluous expenditures
  • Enhancing asset performance by lowering the downtime associated with unscheduled equipment
  • Lowering risk through audit trails and the timely generation of maintenance reports

Interface Features

The above listing is an example of CMMS software that is supported by an interface that offers the following features:

  • A way to schedule planned and preventative maintenance using a tool
  • A method to use unlimited hierarchies for asset management activities
  • Tools for use for keeping track of purchasing and stock for cost analysis purposes
  • SMS and email alerts that warn engineers of outages
  • The ability to deliver work orders by mobile means through smartphones or PDA devices
  • An attachment that confirms work orders and tasks

As you can see, when you are using this type of software, you can stay on top of any maintenance problem and do so agilely. Without the software in place, you simply cannot work as effectively. Plus, this type of system integration supports quality and statutory standards for compliance.

Saving on Expenses

Most engineers opt for this type of software as it helps them achieve a return on investment in approximately six to twelve months from its inception. As a result, you will see continuing reductions in the cost of maintenance that can be as high as 15%. If you have a highly reactive maintenance operation in place, you can expect to see even a higher ROI.

That is why this type of programme is well-received in the maintenance sector. When the right software is used, a company can better utilise its current assets without the need to expend more money. Therefore, an efficient maintenance programme is the key to establishing this type of goal.

Taking Advantage of Remote Applications

When you have the right software enhancement, you will immediately experience an increase in your functionality. Plus, system integration of the software offers a wider range of enterprise tools. Not only that, but mobility is enhanced, which makes it easier for engineers or technicians to cover a broader berth in their maintenance activities. Because of the rise in wireless use, maintenance software makes it possible for engineers and others in the field to take advantage of remote applications.

Today, an engineer no longer totes a clipboard but relies on his or her smartphone or PDA, thereby utilising a pocket maintenance system. By taking this approach, managers can minimise downtime and, again, experience improvement in their bottom lines.