How To Buy A Home In Another State


Many Property Search buyers wreck their nerves when looking for a home in another state. Unfamiliarity with areas disadvantage buyers because they barely know good neighborhoods and they lack acquaintances to link them with reputable real estate agents. As if that is insufficient, they lack awareness of local laws. Without a manual, the entire buying process becomes a sickening ordeal.

In such circumstances, wise buyers hire local buyers’ agents in the new state. You must resist the temptation of consulting a listing agent because he most certainly will work for the seller. Hence, they will look for the highest price. However, you should hire a buyer’s agent for the following reasons:

  • Buyers’ agents stand for buyers’ needs and interests. They will conceal your information loyally.
  • They uphold fiduciary association with buyers thus bargaining for buyers
  • The seller will compensate your agent
  • Buyers’ agents are familiar and specialized in the neighborhood.
  • He will guide you towards making an informed decisions

Finding Buyers’ Agents In New States

Homebuyers often rely on referrals to link up with real estate agents. However, in a new state, you must attempt different strategies including:

Internet Searches

Searching through online property listings will introduce you to a listing agent. Unfortunately, these agents’ jobs entail defending sellers at all costs. Therefore, you should look for buyers’ agents using your state’s name like “Seattle Buyer’s agent.” You can also consider agents preserving national profiles, on sites like You should however exercise caution with advertiser’s websites because they might link you to a fresh agent.

Open Houses

Agents who host open houses are not always listing agents. This requires that you inquire because an open house will certainly present the best chance of knowing about the agent. You should hold on to informed agents and propose to have their business cards. Then, look through his website later while focusing on the rate at which he sells home. If you find no information yet he exists online, you should continue with your search for an agent.

Asking Leading Agents For Referrals As Competitors

Even though seller’s agents do not work with buyers’ agents, they know smart agents working with other companies. Dual agencies (dealing with both sellers’ & buyers’ agents) suffer from conflicting interests. Therefore, you should request for a competitor. After all, the latter scenario could earn the referee some commission. Hence, it might propel him to recommend an expert agent.

Looking At Homes To Purchase In Another State

Buyers’ agents can send new homes and reduced prices to your email from MLS daily. You will notice virtual trips and pictures accompanying the listings. You can ask for additional information from the agent via fax, phone or email. Luckily, if you find a great offer, you can sign for it electronically.

Closing In Another State Concurrently

When selling your current home to buy another in a different state, you will consider closing the deal simultaneously. The process is difficult because banks will not extend loans to buyers buying homes in different states without receiving HUD on the buyer’s sale of his current home.

This requires that you close your existing home and send funds to the closer dealing with your upcoming purchase. This faxes your HUD allowing you to access a loan for your new home from the lender thus sealing the purchase of your new home.