How To Be More Efficient With The Use Of Sales Tools


Increasing sales is key to any business. The time and resources you use in each operation allow you to know to what extent your efforts are being profitable. 

The specialists at Website Design Oxford explain that it is vital to use all the resources you have at your disposal to optimize the work carried out by the different departments of the company that are involved in this matter. 

To achieve this, we show you how to be more efficient with the use of sales tools in conjunction with your website design. 

How can you be more efficient with the use of sales tools?

Having an email tracking software allows you to track your emails. You will know when your clients have opened them and it also allows you to send follow-up emails at the most appropriate time. 

With tracking software, you can start tracking your emails from now on free of charge. The tool is set up quickly and easily. Once you start it, you will never ask yourself again if a client has read an email or not, you will know instantly. In addition, it will also notify you if they have clicked on the link or downloaded an attachment.

This last option will help you to focus on those potential customers who have already shown some interest and prepare more personalized emails for them. Of course, for those who have not yet interacted with you, it will be very useful to continue automating this process. The use of time and resources is optimized. 

Prepare attractive emails so that your leads open your emails and respond to your calls to action. You will be able to contact that potential client when they are studying the options they have. You will also know if a client downloads a document, such as an estimate, to be able to help them at that decisive moment. 

Actionable data at your fingertips

Another outstanding aspect of such tools is that the moment you receive the notification, you can easily access all the information you need to know about that lead. You will know how you have interacted with this potential client in the past and what their interests are. Likewise, everything that happens in this new contact will also be recorded. 

Knowing which emails have attracted the most attention, which documents a potential customer downloaded or which links they have followed will allow you to better understand their profile and design a personalized strategy. You will discover what each lead needs to become your customer. 

Of course, this email tracking tool is compatible with Outlook, Gmail, G Suite, and Office 365 for Windows. If you prefer, you can decide where, when, and how you want to receive notifications of your emails, it can be in your browser, on your desktop, or in your CRM. 

How to use sales tools to manage your calls?

With the right software, you can also keep a detailed record of your calls. It can be configured in a few seconds and will allow you to optimize the management of your calls since you will be able to plan, make and record all the contacts that you maintain by this means.  

This tool will help you prioritize the calls that have the best sales potential. You can schedule the calls that are made every day. In addition, it will also be possible to make calls and record them from your browser without using a phone, using your VoIP or your desk phone. Of course, all calls will be logged automatically, in your CRM, Salesforce or similar application. 

Do you want to increase your effectiveness in the use of sales tools? 

So, you need to enlist the help of experts like those at the Web Design Oxford agency. They can quickly show you how you can achieve it.