How Does a Virtual Office Work


In the current climate of driving efficiency and reducing expenditure, new ways of working are constantly being tried in an attempt to shift the status-quo. For the businesses where its practical, agile working has seen a shift in working practices.

Gone are the days where everyone had their own desk with their name on it. Instead, staff are now expected to come in in the morning and find any desk that is empty. This means that no one is allowed to keep any personal belongings or paperwork on desks overnight which translates to a tidier office environment. It also means that a special type of desk telephone is required where you need to input your login details every day as you would your computer.

Agile Working has been a great benefit to many companies but it is possible to take it one step further and do away with your commercial premises entirely.

Flexible Office Space

A virtual office is simply a physical location which you can use as a business address. It differs from a serviced office in that you aren’t supposed to be based there permanently which means its services can be offered at a lower cost.

The idea is that you choose the services you’ll require when you sign up and then enter into a rolling monthly contract. These contracts are usually very flexible and can be cancelled at any time.

A dedicated telephone number will be provided to you and if you wish, you can have a member of staff at the virtual office location answer and handle your calls at a cost. These calls can even be forwarded on to a mobile number of your choosing. There are several virtual office providers in Sydney so look around for the most suitable package for you.

Tailored Facilities

Meetings are an important part of running any business. Most virtual offices locations will offer the use of meeting room facilities that meet your requirements. These will contain all of the usual IT interfaces that you’re use to and means that you can still accommodate client meetings where necessary.

You will also find commercial laser printers available for use and some services will provide a plotter for any large drawings that you have to print.

A Positive Change for your Business

The advantages of basing your operation out of a virtual office are numerous, especially if you work within the digital space. Some of the benefits include;

  • A wider net from which to recruit potential employees as location is no longer so important

  • Reduced operating costs and the reduction of business and travel expenses

  • Reduced commuting times due to no longer having to be present in an office

  • Increased productivity due to more time spent working and not travelling

  • Staff take less time off sick and are more flexible in their holiday requests due to being able to fit in personal tasks in and around their working day

  • The health benefits of being more active and not forced to sit in front of a desk all day

  • Client meetings can still be accommodated whilst retaining your image and level of professionalism

Consider relocating to a virtual office today and see whether it can improve the efficiency of your business.