Hong Kong: A Great Place to do Business


Hong Kong has long been established as the de facto business hub of East Asia. Recognised as a leading financial centre, it remains an attractive place to invest and provides significant benefits by the way of limited foreign investment restrictions, no capital controls on the remittance of money overseas and a simple tax system with one of the lowest corporation tax rates seen in any of the largest Asian economies.

Hong Kong also serves as a gateway into mainland China with a friendly cross border business environment.

Where Should I Stay?

All areas have their advantages and disadvantages but your chosen location should be based upon the proximity to your workplace or business environment. All major areas are vibrant and feature word class amenities including leisure and retail outlets so your willingness to travel should form the baseline of your decision.

  • North Point – North Point is located within the Eastern District of Hong Kong, physically sited within the north-eastern part of Hong Kong Island. North Point is known as a mixed-use urban area and features many great restaurants and a large number of hotels. You can find Hong Kong North Point hotel’s best rates by looking on all of the popular online retailer websites. Great transport links are provided with easy access to train, bus and tram services via North Point Station.

  • Central – If you would like to be a little closer to the action then the Central region makes a great alternative. The well kwon Lan Kwai Fong and Victoria Park are within walking distance – the former providing great entertainment in the form of popular restaurants and bars as well as a great nightlife scene whilst the latter will provide you with some of the most breath-taking views of the city. Central is considered to be the main financial district so you’re likely to want to base yourself here if you work in that industry.

  • Tsim Sha Tsui – Located on the mainland section of Hong Kong, you will find Tsim Sha Tsui, often abbreviated to TST by locals. TST is known for being very popular with tourists due to being a great shopping district and offering more stunning views. It should be noted that TST is one of the most expensive areas in Hong Kong so if you aren’t confined to a budget, it might be worth basing yourself here.

If this will be your first time in Hong Kong it might be daunting working in a new environment. Business customs here are just like anywhere else in the world so there isn’t anything specific you need to be made aware of before you land. As a general rule, the formal greeting is a handshake and a slight bow of the head. Business attire will also usually be worn after work hours, especially if a dinner is business related.

English is widely spoken throughout Hong Kong so you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties with language although it might be worthwhile learning some key phrases and greetings in Cantonese.