Home Staging Tips for Realtors

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There were 811,000 new homes sold in 2020 with a median sales price of $355,900. To properly get your home seen and become one of these for the coming year you will need some home staging tips for realtors.

With these, you will be able to create a great impression and draw many potential buyers in.

Top Home Staging Tips for Realtors

There are countless strategies a realtor can make, many times the smallest of them can make the biggest difference. What it comes down to is making a new home feel like your old home.

Then the wait comes for the closing but while you wait for that close to come, check out these real estate memes, the wait will seem a lot shorter than you think.

First Impression

Start with the appeal from the curb. Even if they do not spend a great deal of time doing it, interested buyers will do a drive-by at least one or two times before deciding if they even want to take the time to make an appointment.

Many changes that could seem small will make a big impact on the curb appeal. These things include

Deep Clean All Clutter

All clutter must go, this is one of the heavier lifting parts of the process (depending on how “lived-in” the location is). Although you do want to strike a balance between sterile and lived-in.

You want to make sure you run through a home staging checklist addressing each area;

  • Counter surfaces
  • Floors
  • Cupboards
  • Closets

The flooring is an especially important place to pay attention to as it may need refinishing of wood and depending on the condition of the wood. Carpets should be steam cleaned and/or replaced.

This clear canvas gives you a chance to add a little bit of a personal touch without worrying about a mess. Some great ideas are;

  • Cut flower arrangements
  • Produce on counter space in the kitchen
  • Pair lamps and chairs strategically
  • Make sure furniture is away from walls

Anywhere you are arranging furniture, but especially the living room, symmetrical arrangements tend to work well.

Beautiful Bathrooms

The bathroom is one room you will want to clean and then clean a second or third time. A buyer should not walk through a clean home only to find the bathroom riddled with hard water stains and scum.

Be sure that all shower curtains, rugs, and bath mats are new and that there is as little clutter as possible. Decorate with a light spa touch, light colors, candles, new soaps, a subtle scent.

Working From Home

The trend more and more is work from home and a large amount of homeschooling. If there is an area of the home that you can present as an “at home workspace” it would be wise to do so.

This doesn’t always have to be an entire room, it could be a nook area, a spare bedroom, or even a partition. Most potential buyers would be very pleased knowing that this space is available to them.

Sell With These Home Staging Tips for Realtors

There is always something to update, upgrade, and change when trying to sell a home. With these home staging tips for realtors, you will be able to focus that effort a little better and close the sale a little easier.

Once that close is no longer a question be sure to stop by the blog and see what other big projects we can help you learn more about!