Get The Best Postpaid Plan For The Cheapest Price


Best Postpaid Plan

In the last few years, a smartphone has become a necessity and we now need it not just to stay connected to our workplace and loved ones, but for myriad activities. So, it is imperative to use the best postpaid plan to suit our busy lifestyles and wallets.

A postpaid plan is a necessity for those who use their phones extensively all day, whether for business or pleasure.

  • But before you decide on a postpaid plan you need to first pay attention to how many mobile applications you use and your calling pattern (local, STD, roaming). This will also help you figure out how much data you consume in a month and the calling plan, which will work best for you.
  • The next thing you need to decide is how much you are willing to spend. This step is important, particularly if your consumption of data is not high. The higher the data consumption, the more it will cost you and you will need a plan that offers you more data as well.If higher data is your requirement, then you must go through the range of Airtel’s myplan Infinity offers that are designed for a range of budgets and needs.
  • Airtel offers you both 3G and 4G speeds.

If you are looking for a plan that offers unlimited calling at a low price, then you should go for the Rs.399 plan. This plan allows you to make unlimited local and STD roaming calls and unlimited roaming outgoing calls. This means that you can make calls from anywhere in the country and will not have to shell out a single Rupee.

The Rs. 399 postpaid data plan also offers consumers20GB 3G/4G data per month, but there is no data rollover or access to Wynk Music or other Airtel apps. But a after assessing your requirements and budget, you may just realise that this Airtel postpaid plan is truly what you have been looking for.

But, if you still feel like 20 GB is too little for you, then you may want to try Airtel Infinity’s Rs. 499 plan. This plan gives you unlimited local, STD and incoming roaming calls, apart from unlimited free outgoing roaming calls. You get a high 40 GB of data with this plan, which is perfect for you if you spend a lot of timing watching videos or using or checking your various social media all day. This plan is also good for those who are avid readers and enjoy reading free books online or surfing the web for news and new articles. If you decide to go with this plan you will also get free access to the Wynk music app, Airtel live TV and Movies and Handset Repair Protection.

In addition, the Rs 499gives customers a free subscription to Amazon Prime for an entire year. How’s that for a great postpaid plan that does not break the bank?