Enjoy and Secure Your Next Vacation Abroad With Travel Insurance



Enjoy and Secure Your Next Vacation Abroad With Travel Insurance

Are you planning a trip overseas on your next vacation? You must be already chalking out a list of things to do, things to take along, the adventure sports to take part in, and places to go for a visit. Between all these activities, do spare some time and think how to keep yourself and your dear ones protected during travel to the destination. Probably keep aside extra funds for emergencies? Save phone numbers of local hospital on your mobile? Or rather, take international travel insurance and rest all your worries.

Here is why you must never forget to purchase travel insurance on a trip abroad:

  1. Loss of Baggage

Coverage up to a specified maximum limit will be provided in case of loss of baggage. The insurance company may even compensate for reasonable expenses you had to incur for emergency personal purchase because of delay in arrival of checked-in baggage.  You will receive 24 x 7 customer support for any claims in such a scenario.

  1. Loss of Documents

Did you misplace your Passport during your travel overseas? Was the document stolen or damaged? Do not worry if you have apt worldwide travel insurance in place. You can get compensation for reasonable expenses you will have to incur to obtain a temporary or duplicate passport when abroad. The insurer will work with the local provider/authority directly, so the procedure will be hassle-free.

  1. Medical Emergencies

Health issues during travel can spoil your trip. Moreover, it can run a long medical bill, draining out funds to manage expenses of the vacation. This is why; you should take travel insurance for a holiday abroad to stay financially protected in case of any injury, disability, problems due to pre-existing ailments, etc.

If travelling within Europe, you can take a travel insurance, which will take care of medical emergencies, cover legal liabilities, personal accident, and other travel-related issues. The insurer will offer urgent services such as air ambulance, medical evacuation, and admission to a nearby hospital.

  1. Trip Delay or Cancellation

An unforeseen situation like sudden sickness, bad weather, death of a family member, etc can cause delay in trip, missed flight, or cancellation. But, if you opt for travel insurance, then the cost of trip up to a certain limit will be reimbursed by the insurance company. If there is a delay in flight, then a required amount will be provided to manage expense for stay in and meals while waiting for the next flight.

In case you cancel the trip, then cancel before you leave for the vacation, only then the coverage will come into effect. The coverage will be provided only if the trip is cancelled because of factors outside your control. Reimbursement will be given for accommodation and transportation.

  1. Personal Liability Coverage

A loss or damage can be caused accidentally by you to another person or their property during an overseas travel. If you have personal liability coverage, then the financial claims by the third-party will be handled by the insurer.

  1. Student Travel

You may not be a tourist visiting a country or an entrepreneur making a business trip, but a student travelling to a foreign land for studies. Can you insure your trip? Yes, you can. If you have taken an international travel insurance being a student abroad, you can get coverage for medical expenses, loss of passport, baggage delay/loss, permanent total disablement, and accidental death.

You can even get reimbursement of tuition fee till end of the education on the event of accidental death or disablement of your sponsor. If you are unable to continue the education because of a sickness, terminal illness, hospitalization for more than one consecutive month for a covered injury, accidental death of a family member, etc, you will receive reimbursement for tuition fee for the remaining part of the school semester.

  1. Insurance Can Be Mandatory

Some countries make it necessary for travelers to be insured. If you do not have the necessary documents and travel insurance paperwork in place when you visit the immigration counter, you could be denied the Visa, So, it is best to know the terms and conditions regarding travel to a destination before you finalize a vacation spot.

  1. Enjoy Adventure Activities

Are you an adventure-lover? Do you like to explore wild sports and exciting activities on your trip? If yes, then you should definitely take insurance for the activities you plan to participate in. A standard insurance does not cover adventure activities, so you may have to opt for an additional coverage. Check with the insurance company as to which activities they cover.

Do they provide a cover for activities such as snowboarding, hiking, camping, rafting, mount biking, skiing, rafting, scuba diving, kayaking, bungee jumping, etc? Remember to include all the planned activities beforehand in the plan. You will not get a cover on activities that are already not disclosed and selected in the plan.

  1. Safety of High-Value Items

On a trip abroad you may carry a few high-value items such as laptop, camera, or an expensive sporting equipment’s, etc. After all, you may want to click hundreds of photographs, video record the good times, and share your memories with your friends and family on social networking platforms. A loss, damage, or theft of high-value items during travel can bear heavy on your pockets.

So why risk such a financial burden, when you can take an international travel insurance and get a cover for high-value items, in case of their loss. Check with the provider about the items that will be covered and the maximum limit of coverage. The provider may ask you to disclose the list of expensive items you will carry, so you must inform correctly so that no issues arise during a claim.

So Are You Prepared to Protect Your Vacation Overseas?

For your next trip abroad, do not forget to sign up for travel insurance. You can inquire for a right plan with your insurance company as per your trip plan and schedule. It is the most suitable way to ensure that you and your loved ones stay protected on the trip even if faced with travel-related financial woes and unforeseen situations.