Develop Your Culture & Watch Your Practice Thrive


When it comes to recruitment, it is important to hire for the right fit at the first time of asking, according to This is certainly easier said than done.

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Arguably, the way to do this is to ensure the new employee is a good match with your existing culture in your workplace. If you do this, it will make them more likely to identify and work with others in your practice. You will also notice performance and staff retention will increase as a result. If your practice has developed a negative culture, staff morale will be low and the practice will be performing poorly. There will also be a negative effect on staff turnover.

If you invest in creating and developing a culture where every employee within your practice feels included, you will quickly notice that the morale of the staff will increase. Failure to invest in your culture will likely result in an increased staff turnover. This in turn leads to increased recruitment costs and will negatively impact on the success of your practice in the long term.

Staff may still want to leave the practice for personal reasons, and this happens no matter how good your culture is. If you cannot fill the position internally, you may need to hire a replacement, so we would recommend that you head over to to find a replacement. Take your time when trying to hunt for a replacement. If you end up hiring someone that is not right for the position, this could negatively impact your culture and you will have to take measures to remedy this before all the hard work in improving your culture is lost.

Make Sure You Share The Values and Mission…

When you interview a candidate for your job opening, it is important to ensure the candidate shares and is willing to work with the values and mission that you have established for your workplace. Make sure you openly share what is expected of them to meet these values and mission, and if they appear enthusiastic by this, they are likely to work well within your practice.

If you would like more tips on how to select the right candidate that matches your culture, we would recommend you check out