Custom Cleaning: Because Not Every Space Is the Same

Custom Cleaning

Custom cleaning is one of the services we offer at All Pro Cleaning Systems. Our ability to customize reaches across all our commercial cleaning services. So if your facility doesn’t necessarily fit the mold, it’s no problem for us. We can customize a cleaning regimen and schedule that meets your facility’s unique needs.

We do what we do because decades of experience in business and industrial cleaning have made it clear that every space is unique. Even two offices, which may look nearly identical to the untrained eye, may require different things in terms of cleaning. We rely on customers to tell us what they need. Once we know that, we take care of the rest.

What Needs to Be Cleaned

Customized commercial cleaning services start with understanding what needs to be cleaned. Imagine an industrial space filled with all sorts of machinery, equipment, and chemicals. We would employ a cleaning philosophy and strategy unique to that environment. What we cleaned and how we went about it would differ drastically from our approach to cleaning a bank, for example.

Similarly, we would have to take a highly specialized approach to cleaning a high-tech clean room, a room in which highly sensitive equipment must be protected against all sorts of airborne pollutants. By contrast, our approach to cleaning the company break room is a lot less specialized.

How Often It Needs to Be Cleaned

Cleaning can be further customized in terms of scheduling. Some spaces need to be cleaned more frequently. Still other spaces need deep cleaning more often. Once again, no space is exactly the same as another. Some spaces are so unique as to require very unusual cleaning schedules. It is all in a day’s work for All Pro Cleaning Systems.

We work with every client to determine the most efficient and effective cleaning schedule. After a schedule is set, we are flexible enough to modify as needed. We are open to whatever schedule suits the customer best.

How to Set Up Customized Cleaning

Whether you operate a restaurant, a medical building, an industrial company, or even a professional office, your cleaning needs can be turned into a customized cleaning solution through All Pro Cleaning Systems. Setting up customized cleaning is a simple as:

Step #1: Contact All Pro Cleaning Systems

The first step is to contact us to let us know what you need. We will take the opportunity during that initial contact to learn a little bit more about your business and potential cleaning needs.

Step #2: Consider the Proposal

We will sit down with your team to get a more detailed understanding of exactly what you need. Then we will create a proposal customized just for you. Take a good look and tell us what you think. If you see things differently, we can always rework the proposal.

Step #3: Establish a Schedule

Once we agree on exactly what needs to be cleaned, we can work with your team to establish a schedule. That might mean three nights per week for an office or nightly cleaning for an industrial space.

Step #4: Enjoy the Results

The only task remaining is for you and your team to step back and enjoy the results of customized cleaning. If you have questions or concerns, we will address them right away.

Commercial cleaning services don’t have to be one-size-fits-all in nature. Cleaning can and should be customized to the unique needs of every facility. That includes yours. If you have needs that other commercial cleaning services cannot meet, we hope you’ll give a chance. Customized cleaning services are one of our specialties.