CRM Benefits for Consultants and Consulting Businesses Management


Client Relationship Management (CRM) software has quickly become a must-have tool for business. If you are a savvy consultant or a thriving consulting firm, then you need to use only the best technology solutions to help you stay on top of today’s mega-competitive market. Luckily, the BPM (Business Process Management) system is here to support the growth of your organization.

Traditionally, CRM software was designed to bring order in the chaos of business contact management as well as to help companies build strong relationships with their clients. However, CRM systems evolved from the initial simple database into a powerful business approach when it comes to managing day-to-day operations, customer satisfaction, corporate culture, and more.

Nowadays, CRM assists professionals by saving their time and costs while empowering them with knowledge and eye-opening data that help managers make smarter business decisions. This especially applies to the consulting branch of business, as CRM for consultants covers all of their operational aspects.

Time Management


Time is Money: A Revealing Study into the Cost of Today’s Poor Time Tracking Habits and Technology exposed that the major reason why professionals lose money is due to poor time management habits. According to the study results, meetings and calls cause a leak of $32,000 in revenue per year along with emails that cost even more. To be precise, emails cause a leak of more than $50,000 per year.

With the use of user-friendly CRM for consultants, you can prevent such massive revenue losses with automatic time tracking. You can get an insight into the overall time expenditure.

The system’s platform is packed with automating features that save you time. CRM offers a central database for storing all of the essential information while the system itself records and stores all interactions with customers.

Mobile Sales & ROI

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Once again, CRM statistics prove that the system can help boost productivity by at least 15%. How? With the ease of use, due to mobile-ready sales that helped a whopping 65% of companies to achieve their sales quotas. And that’s not all, because Forrester research found that CRM can elevate sales while decreasing labor costs and consultation times by 10 percent.

Furthermore, the average ROI for a CRM is around $5.60 for every dollar invested with the 25%-60% success rate of CRM projects. On top of it, without this system, 79% of leads fail to convert into regular company consumers. So, it’s safe to say that CRM is a vital tool for surpassing market competitors.

Marketing Campaigns


Not only does CRM help to nurture relationships with current and new customers, but it also helps to improve your marketing campaigns.

CRM for consultants is a great asset for designing unique campaigns that will target a specific type of audience. Plus, you will be able to track and measure the success of the campaigns as well as to create accurate reports based on the entire overview of all company’s marketing efforts.

All-in-one Solution

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As already mentioned, bpm’online crm for consultants is designed to meet the requirements of the management consulting industry, including:

  • Organizing and automating tasks, time, calls, emails.
  • Optimizing timelines with the use of reminders.
  • Calculating fees, costs of service, and additional expenses.
  • Providing activity and productivity reports on employees performance and projects success.
  • Analyzing data for making better strategic operational decisions.
  • Enabling fast and efficient performance due to an intuitive interface.
  • Improved control and document management.
  • Unlimited access to information stored in one database.
  • Collecting crucial customer data via multiple channels (email, social media platforms, phone, website).
  • Planned, personalized, and effective launch of marketing campaigns.
  • Automation of the entire sales processes from appointments to sales.
  • Day-to-day task optimization and automation.


How to avoid breaking the bank while increasing the value, awareness, and the impact of your business? The answer is simple – try CRM system for consultants. At least this was the plan of many high-operating corporations who gladly recommend the usage of this software.

As we can see from statistics, CRM can support the business growth of small, medium-sized, and large establishments. And the best part is that you can always try it for free if you are still unsure about your decision. Either way, the CRM market is raising each year, which means it’s just a matter of time before this software becomes indispensable means of daily business operations.