Certified Scrum Master Course – A Brief Overview


Agile and Scrum rule the roost among technologies being applied in small to large enterprises today. No matter how technological an enterprise gets, human resources are its best assets. The demand for team members with a Certified Scrum Master Course is very high as businesses no longer follow separate departments.

Rather, they use composite teams working together on a collaboration technique to ensure speed, flexibility and the ability to handle challenges using resources like AI, ML, data analytics, predictive analysis, deep learning, and Big Data.

If you need to enhance your skills and resume then, you will need to find a reliable mentor to do so. KnowledgeHut is a reputed institute for learning all about the Certified Scrum Master Course.

Benefits of CSM Certification:

This course trains individuals and corporate groups globally on CSM Certification. Completion of this course opens the doors to better job prospects. The certification is widely acceptable and endorses your expertise and skills on Scrum practices.

The Certified Scrum Master Course enables you because

  • KnowledgeHut represents the Scrum Alliance as its Global REP ensuring your CSM Certification is the route to validate your next step to the Certified Scrum Master Course and professional certification as a CSM
  • In just 2-days days on weekdays or on the weekend working 9 am to 5 pm learn all about the best Agile route practices, relevant industry tricks, and tips on how to resolve issues in a Scrum environment
  • Real-time hands-on exercises, virtual classrooms, and practice on real-world industry relevant simulations are used in the workshop to bring you up to speed
  • On completion, you get a course completed certification along with access to the exams and modules of e-learning to help you relearn and solve problems
  • The globally accredited curriculum is led by trained and experienced instructor mentors
  • The courses offered are always demand based and offer further learning for future developments such as the CSM, and the difficult PSM exams
  • Attaining the certification and the money you pay for it is worth being confident and ready to take on the industry from the word ‘Go.’

What will you learn?

You will become proficient and exam ready in the following areas.

  • Concepts, fundamentals of Scrum and Agile Suite
  • Roles like Scrum Master, Product Owner, Team constitution and their impact
  • How and when to conduct Scrum meetings, review meetings, release planning, and retrospective meetings
  • All about artefacts like the Sprint and product backlogs, burndown charts, product increments and much more

All about the CSM certification

The test is objective type and of 60 minutes duration. You need to get 24 from 35 right answers to qualify. The fee is part of your course fee for the first two attempts. Up to 4 attempts can be taken. On being successful you will have earned your certification, a Scrum Alliance membership with perks like access to online forums, support-groups, continued learning and even a profile page on the Scrum website endorsing your credentials.

Why not earn and also upgrade skills for an enhanced resume when most IT majors like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and so many more, are looking out for people with a Certified Scrum Master Course? KnowledgeHut can help get you there.