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What Data Visualisation Tools Are Available And Which Is Best For Your Organisation?

What Data Visualisation Tools Are Available And Which Is Best For Your Organisation?

Once you have successfully collected a wide range of data and combined all your datasets from a range of assets, you will now want to use your findings to propel your business and shout about the things you’ve achieved. This final stage of a data strategy is incredibly important, and it is important to choose the best methods to visualise your data to appeal to your target audience.

There are a wide variety of reporting techniques you may apply, whether the reports are for internal use only, to help with organisational development, or externally for stakeholders, audience members or potential new clients. There are many data visualisation software tools available online that can help you turn your datasets into clear graphs that are appealing to the right group of people.

Seeing large datasets sat in spreadsheets can be incredibly overwhelming and it takes time to understand the data in this way. This is why data visualisation tools are popular to be able to visualise the information being told. It can be a quick way to tell your data story, and for internal and external clients to understand your business concepts. Understanding data in this clear format is not only beneficial to help people understand the positive outcomes of your data collection, but equally as important understand any problems that need urgent attention.

Depending on the size and capacity of your organisation, you may have dedicated employees with specific skills suited to understand the complexities of complex data visualisation systems. If this is not the case then websites such as can provide you with all the support you need to get the best results.

There are a wide range of tools available, depending on your skill level. For example, it may be that your data has been collected through only one data source and sits comfortably in a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If this is the case then there are tools built into Microsoft Excel that allow you to create graphs, tables, maps, pivot charts and sparklines. So long as the data is in the correct format before you start, these can be very user-friendly ways of creating simple visualisations of your findings. These basic graphs may be fine for internal reporting, however you may want to consider visualisation software that can produce more interesting visuals to show off your findings to external clients or stakeholders.

For more advanced users, or if you are collecting data from multiple sources, you may want to explore more options that can be found online. For example there are sites such as Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau that have free to use basic versions. These sites aggregate data from multiple sources, updates the user platform and creates graphs for you using real-time data. There are also options to share your dashboards for collaboration with other team members, which can be useful for larger or remote-working organisations.

For extremely tech-savvy organisations there is a whole world of data visualisation tools using vector-based or Javascript that you will be able to use, such as Tangle and Processing. These will need more than just a basic understanding of the software to use however, so understand this and prepare appropriately before you start.

The most important thing to remember with all of these packages available are that the final visualisations meet the high standard of your organisation, and can clearly communicate the messages you want to celebrate to team members, stakeholders and clients.

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How to start your online shop in 3 steps

Along with the development of technology, an ideal platform has been created for the entrepreneurs to start their businesses online. In fact, most of the people who live out there in the world tend to go online in order to purchase products or services that they want. Therefore, you will not have to go through a lot of hassle in order to find potential customers to your business. On the other hand, you need to spend minimum effort in order to start your online shop. Here is a list of the basic steps that you will have to follow when starting your own online shop. These steps will assist you to start your own business online with minimum frustrating and make it a profitable one in the long run.

Step 1 – Create your own website

The first step of starting your online business is to create your presence out there on the internet. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and get the assistance of a website developer to get your own website created. In fact, you will be able to do it on your own with the help of a CMS solution. For example, WordPress can be considered as the most popular CMS solution among entrepreneurs because they can easily create the websites on their own without going through any frustration. You don’t need to possess any coding skills in order to create a website with WordPress. Thousands of pre-built themes are available and you just need to select the best one out of them based on your specific needs and requirements. When you add a theme, you just need to customize it through the user friendly interface and add your business content. You will be able to get your business website up and running within a day through this method. If you want to get more information on how to set up your business website, you can visit a reliable website on the internet and get additional information. It will let you know about the specific steps that you should follow when creating your own website with a CMS.

When creating your own business website, you will need to have a domain and hosting as well. It is important for you to find a reliable hosting service because you need to make it available for your customers throughout 24 hours of the day. However, you shouldn’t spend a fortune on your web hosting as well. When you go through a hosting comparison website, you will be able to get to know about the cheapest and the most reliable web hosting services available out there on the Internet. It has compared the most reputed hosting services out there in the world along with their prices. It is up to you to go through the list of hosting service providers and go for the best one as per your preferences.

Step 2 – How to start your own clothing store

Almost all the entrepreneurs who start their online stores want to make them successful like Amazon. You can even create your own clothing store and make it a profitable one. You just need to be aware about the specific steps that you should follow. First of all, you need to create the online store for your clothing business. That’s where Shopify comes to your survival. Shopify can be considered as the simplest method available for you to create your online store. You just need to install Shopify, customize your online store by entering required information and list down products that you are looking forward to sell through the store. You can also integrate payment systems to your online store with the help of available functionalities in Shopify. If you want to get more information, you can refer a guide on how to start a clothing business. There is a huge demand for online clothing stores as well and you can get your own store up and running within a couple of days with the help of Shopify.

Step 3 – Use digital marketing to promote your business and attract customers

When it comes to digital marketing promotional methods, using a press release would be the most appropriate method to follow as you have a new business. You need to create awareness about your new business among potential customers and let them know what you offer. If you don’t have a clear understanding on how to do it, you can think about getting the assistance of one of the press release service. According to Linking News, press releases are in a position to contribute a lot towards newly established businesses with creating awareness. Then you can also take a look at the other mainstream marketing methods, such as social media marketing.

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Building an Online Business: 5 Vital Tips to Consider

Have you lately been thinking of starting an online business? Now even though it might seem extremely easy, you are generally expected to strictly comply with certain essential rules under all circumstances. For example, addressing complaints or negative reviews right away, hence, proving exactly how concerned you are about overall user experience. Well, a few more include:

  1. Create Appealing and Functional Website

Instead of adding too many elements, which serve as distraction, try designing a simple website, where substantial information are organized properly. You must also pay attention to fonts, colors, animation, etc. because most contemporary individuals prefer visual appeal. Also see if your website can function seamlessly across devices such as laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

  1. Avoid Illegal SEO Practices

While appearing on foremost pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. is utterly important, you cannot do so by adopting shortcut or illegal SEO practices. Many entrepreneurs were banned by search engines because they stuffed keywords in content, veiled texts, copying somebody else’s style, procuring links from resources without permission, etc.

  1. Do not Oversell

No one likes a pushy salesperson at all. According to a recent survey, consumers usually turn away when they are unduly pressurized for purchasing an item or utilizing a service. You can point out benefits and but please restrain yourself from overselling. Excessively spammy language can also backfire.

  1. Maintain a Mailing List

Ask visitors to register for newsletter even if they are paying visit to your online business for first time. Provide them an incentive so that they undertake an e-course from your site or carry out a report. Also upload informative content otherwise subscribers might opt for something else, which they find more interesting.

  1. Build Reliable Reputation in Ever-Expanding Digital Landscape

Your online business can reach unimaginable heights of prosperity only if it manages to gain strong footing on ever-expanding digital landscape, or in other words, if you are trusted by your targeted audience. Some ways to build reliable reputation are as follows:

  • Writing blogs to convey a company’s principles. Do not commit grammatical mistakes or use complicated words. You can enrich the pieces via relevant pictures, attractive infographics, etc.
  • Being active on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. You can inform larger segments of population about your services while casually interacting with them.
  • Most people trust a company if it has won some sort of award. Thus, do not shy away but flaunt your achievements. You can also create a separate testimonial section for uploading positive reviews left by your former clientele.
  • Finally, yet importantly, be accessible at all times. Respond to criticisms politely and answer every query, no matter how minor they seem, with maximum patience. A strong B2C relationship can help you succeed.

Besides taking each rule stated above into account, as an online business executive, you must also rent a self-storage facility. Keep all products, which are ready for delivery, here. Owing to plenty options, carry out comprehensive research, seek specialized recommendations, and then arrive at a decision. Storage units of Davie are much on demand probably because these assure abundant space, security, 24/7 accessibility, etc.

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Regulations, Trading Conditions, and Support are criteria for all eternity to judge how reliable and worth-trading a broker. Emerged a decade ago, yet until recent years the online broker generation starts to blossom and fire their name, same as the forex market in the Asian region. For that reason, this article is to match the standard criteria with the online brokers, as there are many have placed themselves in the top 10 of the best forex brokers.

Trust Regulations

Nowadays, digital communications have greatly increased the expansion of international company system including currency exchange brokers. Data transmission are faster than ever with both the global bank system and digital wallet. Realize the opportunity, international brokers appeared. After certain years to prove their trustworthiness, they spread out all around the Earth, from the UK and US, then Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The regulations from the financial association are to verify brokers’ reliabilities and its trading conditions. Thus, more passports are reliable but also the limitation. The open trading field is always risky but also a great chance to earn big. Several brokers focusing purely on one particular forex market. On such occasions, Asian financial association regulations are far better and safer to target-Asian-brokers and Asian traders. Or, it’s fair enough to hold one standard license like ASIC, FCA, CySEC, or NFA.

Easy Trading Conditions

Account Choices

Manage numbers between clients and accounts could be difficult in the past, however, the automatic calculation inventions did troubleshoot the problem, so increase the great number of traders and account options of many brokers. Forex brokers needn’t effort too much to keep clients at the very beginning, but give them numerous chances to try brokers with easy low minimum deposit Cent accounts:

  • Exness accounts – no minimum deposit requirement
  • FBS accounts – at least 1 dollar as the down payment
  • HotForex accounts – requires 5 dollars minimum deposit

Low Transaction Fee

The open field also leads to low transaction costs – the spread and commission fee – that brokers take as the main income. The forex brokers market becomes more competitive to let traders decide. Better service, better trading condition, the easier chance, then more clients one broker has. Let’s check the competition between the top lowest spread brokers – with the most popular EUR/USD currency pair:

  • Exness and Hotforex – 1.1 pips
  • XM and FXTM – 1.7 pips

Note: Exness is quite special with the free commission trading conditions besides the lowest spread on most of its accounts. Only Exness ECN option has commision fee but zero Spread.

High Leverage

The internet strongly improves the connection between traders and brokers and traders themselves, which helps bump the leverage up much higher. There have the absolute risk and fabulous chance to a huge sack of cash. The old low leverage from the US, UK, and Japanese brokers, who comply with countries’ licenses, are less competitive. The international brokers are more open with:

  • Exness – 1 : unlimited (For Cent, Mini, Classic accounts)
  • FBS, HotForex – 1 : 1000 (All accounts)
  • XM – 1 : 888 (All accounts)

Online Support

The online generation so better the online support. Check the long list of countries’ flags to know if your language available 24/7. Exness, FxPro, FBS, and XM all have the best team on the post. Besides, local offices and the payment services can be found on their websites. There are many International Banks collaborating with named brokers and traders can get the response in no time.


Attractive welcome forex bonuses and sounds promotions are the superficial benefits, traders should highly focus on the core. The best ECN brokers never stop improving to serve clients. Enhance trading conditions, create more options, strengthen the support which is more practical for traders’ long-term profit. Stick with them on the train to success. See you next time!

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What is A VPN and How Can I Benefit From It

In today’s world, most of life’s necessities are done online. We do everything from banking, shopping, paying bills, researching, to looking for directions and reviews for a particular store all online. For businesses, having an online presence is quintessential in thriving in today’s society. In everything we do online, having security to protect our valuable information is not only a necessity, but it is also vital. With technology comes great responsibility. Often, we hear about cyber attacks or access to personal information has been breached. Unfortunately, it has become the norm.

What’s a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network. When you go online, pieces of information are sent back and forth between your device and the internet. “Why do you care?” Say, for example, you’re a business related to travel. Your customers access your website and enter pertinent information for their booking. Your customers wouldn’t want that information made public, especially their payment information. As the business owner, you wouldn’t want to lose your customers because of a data breach from a cyber attack, nor would you want your sensitive business information made public. You need to protect both your company’s data as well as your customer’s information. So, again, what’s a VPN? A VPN is used as a “middle-man,” if you will. As data goes back and forth between you and the internet, that information can normally be accessed and read in plain text. Data includes who’s accessing it, what kind of device is accessing, where is the access coming from, and what we’re accessing to just name a few. That data should remain secure, private and encrypted. A VPN is used to protect the data as it travels throughout the internet. Most describe it as a protective “tunnel,” and others see it as a “body” or “data guard.”

Why Do I Need A VPN?

The answer is simple, privacy. You wouldn’t want someone taking your mail and opening it without your knowledge, right? Of course not. As a business owner, implementing a VPN service, such as TorGuard, can give businesses a safe online environment to do business. There are many benefits in using a VPN service, benefits that businesses should take advantage in using. For instance, not only is a VPN service used to protect data, but it will also inspire customers to continue to seek out your business because you’ve taken the extra step in protecting their information. They will know they are transacting with a reputable and safe business.

Do you or your employees normally go on business trips? Certain parts of the world filter and/or block certain access to online services and websites, and certain places leave you feeling unsafe to even get online. A VPN service can help secure and bypass certain restrictions so that you may connect back to your company’s network, safely and securely. A VPN can also grant secured access to your company’s network so your employees can work remotely anywhere. This, in turn, will boost productivity and give your employees that flexibility they may need.

Beyond Business Needs

Okay, so we’ve discussed how important it is to protect our information and how using a VPN service can do that for our business. How about personal use? Can a VPN service be used for personal use? The answer is, yes, of course. Have a tech-savvy relative, or perhaps want a VPN service to use personally? A VPN can also be gifted and you can definitely use it for yourself. Let’s say you are traveling somewhere. You want to relax and watch your favorite show that’s exclusive to your streaming company’s subscription service. You’re in your hotel room and don’t have access to it and you also find out that it’s not available in the country your vacationing in. Enter the VPN service. You can use a VPN service to access and watch your television shows as if you have never let your home. Perhaps while on vacation, you forgot you were to buy a gift for someone for a special occasion. You go online to your favorite online retailer just to find out they keep giving you local availability results and pricing. You need access to information that’s relevant to your local area back home. You can gain relevant information using your VPN service. You can set it up so that when you access a website, it would be as if you are still back home accessing it on your computer. If not just for anonymity, use a VPN service for privacy.

By now you are probably wondering about cost. Normally VPN services vary in pricing. However, for basic needs, you will find that many services offer economical subscription pricing. No matter what option you choose or what the intended purpose a VPN service will serve, subscribing to a VPN service is essential in today’s world of technology.

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Gift your dad with a new skill this Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of knowledge – teach him how to recharge his phone connection and he will thank you forever.

In many ways, your dad was the first hero of your life. As a child, you looked up to your father as a strong protector and nurturing authority in your life. If you were ever in a spot, you could trust your dad to get you out of it. There was nothing he could not do, and no problem was ever too big for him to solve.

Except, now that you are a grown up you realise that there is one thing that keeps defeating him: digital technology. Your dad is not well-versed with the digital medium – he uses chatting and IM quite haltingly, and he is often afraid of pressing the wrong keys and doing the wrong things. Naturally, he comes to you every time he wants to know how to use a new feature on his phone, or download an app. Mostly, he entrusts you with the task of recharging his phone.

This Father’s Day, gift your father the precious gift of mobile savvy: teach him how to do his first prepaid recharge by himself.

Your dad, and his first prepaid recharge

Your father will initially be nervous about doing his first prepaid recharge by himself. He is not as tech savvy as you are, and he fears pressing the wrong buttons and reaching a site/page that he doesn’t know how to navigate. He may even be completely at sea in terms of understanding how mobile tech works on his smartphone.

The point is: be patient and guide him gently through all the steps, so that he can gain the confidence to do his first prepaid recharge, and subsequent recharges, by himself.

This is how you can teach him to do his first prepaid recharge:

  • Open the recharge app on his phone.If your dad is an Airtel customer, he will already have the myAirtel app on his phone (or you may have installed it for him previously). Guide him on opening the app and studying the home page to find the words ‘Prepaid recharge’.
  • Or use the mobile provider’s website.If your father is befuddled by the smartphone app, you can instead open the Airtel website on his phone. Teach him to access the Airtel website on his smartphone, and navigate the home page to find the legend ‘Recharge’. Under this, guide him to select ‘Phone’ so that he can be directed to the few steps for online recharge.
  • Teach him to look out for offers and packs. Mobile providers like Airtel have ongoing offers that your father can avail at the time of doing his first prepaid recharge. Teach him how to avail of any such offer. Or the site/app will display quick recharge options as well. He can recharge using one of these options in case he doesn’t want to input a specific recharge amount.
  • Teach him to pay online. This is where it gets a little tricky: if your dad has never transacted online before, then he might be a little afraid to do so for the first time. Add his card on his phone and take him through all the steps of paying using the card or net banking.
  • The recharge is complete. Once he pays, the first prepaid recharge is successfully completed. He should check if there is a message from Airtel mentioning the same.

Apart from doing the mobile recharge, teach your dad basic things about phone usage, like reading the news, watching movies or TV shows, or even making video calls. Additionally, he can explore the phone’s camera and take photos and videos in his spare time. If he likes to keep his mind occupied, he can play online Sudoku, or Words With Friends.

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How Online Commercial Agents Can Bring Buyers and Sellers Together

One of the best things about the world of commercial real estate is the fact that it’s always evolving. For those who love a sense of dynamism in their work, you can’t do much better than the best locales in the world of commercial real estate. Companies are always moving in and moving out, trying to find the best geographic and economic fit for their needs, all hoping to find that special somewhere that allows them to conduct the business of business and blossom into The Next Big Thing. At its best, commercial real estate helps companies focus on their strengths while giving them a quality, well-managed place to work. That being said, as with any other aspect of the real estate market, it can be difficult sometimes to know where to get started.

But no longer.

With the best website featuring online commercial estate agents, you can buy, sell, or lease properties with ease – and here’s how.

Location, Location, Location

It’s the first rule of real estate, and it carries over to online searches as well – it’s all about location, location, location. The best online commercial sites will help potential buyers search for new listings according to their location. What’s more, they can also make recommendations as to specific sites within a general vicinity, helping you pin down the perfect place in which to set up shop.

The Advantages of Online Listings

And that’s just one of the many advantages that comes with utilising online estate agents for buying or selling commercial properties. There are many others to consider, including:

  • The ability, as a buyer, to easily sort properties via other qualities such as price, size, and locati
  • The ability, as a seller, to get an unprecedented amount of exposure for your property, with both your online listing and agents actively working online to promote your property for resale.
  • The ability, as a buyer, to preview pictures of the site in question, giving you an even better idea of what the property is like before your ask to tour the property or speak to the seller.
  • The ability, as a seller, to post pictures, floor plans, and other pertinent information to help attract buyers.

At their best, the best online commercial agents thus help play matchmaker between buyer and seller. They not only allow the two parties to find one another online, but can then provide assistance when it comes to actually striking a deal as well. Throughout the process, they can advise both parties as to the strengths of the property in question, and help play an active role as problem solvers in tackling any questions which might arise.

Click here for online commercial estate agents who can help change the way you do business (and where you choose to do it) today!

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Enjoy the Advantages of Buying a Business Online

Buying a business online can be easy when using the right broker. This is because they offer various businesses; therefore, matching your needs. They also ensure to offer a business with in-depth insights. A well-experienced firm in selling businesses will only feature businesses that are worth your investment.

Reach successful businesses

Buying a business from a brokerage firm, you have the opportunity to reach some of the leading businesses. The brokerage firm is approached by multiple prime businesses, seeking buyers. Using this platform allows you to review some great businesses on sale in the market. The brokerage will also feature multiple businesses; therefore, it is easier to match your needs.

Well-valued businesses

Buying a business from a brokerage firm allows you to see the exact value. This is because they have the right skills to enable them to attain the actual value of the business. The amount at which you buy the business is the right one, and not exaggerated.

Saves time

Buying a business online from a brokerage firm helps to close the deal faster. This is because the main purpose of the firm is to sell the business fast. Therefore, you get the opportunity to buy the business within a short time. This does not compromise the business you intend to buy, it helps to maintain proper business continuity.


Buying a business through a brokerage firm allows you to maintain confidentiality until the final transactions to buy a business online have been completed. This helps to keep a low profile, as your identity is withheld.

Best prices

A brokerage firm is responsible for conducting negotiations when buying a business on your behalf. In most cases, when buying a business for the first time you may be unable to conduct negotiations. A broker can prove to be advantageous when you buy a business, enabling you to acquire it at a price within your budget, with the real value of the company in the market taken into account.


With a brokerage company, you are able to read through their portfolio. This gives you an idea of the kind of businesses they have bought and sold in the past. You will have an idea of the way they handle clients, their buying procedures, and the amount of time it takes. A good portfolio will give an idea of what to expect.

Your interests at heart

When buying a business from a brokerage firm, you can be assured they have your interests at heart. They will answer any queries and all your concerns will be addressed. This will help you to acquire a business you will take pride in running.

Once you make up your mind to buy a business online, it is important to find the best brokerage firm. Invest some time searching for the right brokerage firm. This includes being informed of the legal procedures, and requirements. Ensure you present your interests, so that the firm represents you fully. Go for people with experience buying businesses to secure the best deal.

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online java test India

Reason to opt for Java Test Online

In the world of technology, where everything works on certain language and programming it is suffice to save that demand for developers and programmers has gained quite a lot. If you are planning to hire a developer and you have no idea yet on what to look for and how to choose a right candidate in spite of visiting the LinkedIn profile or going through the CV then certainly this is the right page where you have landed up. Make yourself updated with some of the best sources in terms of choosing the right form of hiring that would help you get better results in form of capable candidate in less span of time.

Understanding the concept of Java:

It is a complied version and an object oriented programming language. This type of concept is quite a lot similar to that of C++ but of course a better version of it. The focus of this language is to allow the developers creating application, write the language only once which he can run it anywhere and anytime he wants. This means the compilation of the Java code may run on different platforms that would support the Java without requiring any kind of recompilation. The application that is usually written in the Java Language may have platform that would ideally result in good performance. No doubt it is an easy to use language which is the main reason why it is quite a lot popular.

What matters for the hiring managers with regards to Java:

Simply coming up with some recruitment platform makes no sense. Rather, it is important for them to understand that they need to be aware about certain Java skills. This would help them know if the technology for which they are planning to hire a candidate can effectively be run by the person or not. Besides, in the world of knowledge ecosystem, where tools and libraries play an important role than that of the language itself, Java is something that you as a hiring manager must know. Thirdly, the Java knowledge is something that will hardly be even useful for the coding of business. Whether you are hiring for the entry level or for the junior position, conducting such type of test is advised. However you can actually conduct such type of test for the people at senior level management whom you are planning to hire.

Verifying the Java skills in screening phase

There is no doubt that screening could be tedious work and would take a lot of your valuable time. But with online java test, you can save your time of you or the candidate being present at the location. Before that it is important that you begin the screening of your resume that you come across through the terms like JMX and Hibernate which you may find a little confusing but it is something that an organization would expect a candidate to be aware about. Besides you are expected to be also familiar with framework tools and building application.

Such type of programming test of course is used for screening candidate and for which you can analyse the resume through video interview. But there are many companies who have turned the coding test as the initial method of the programming skill assessment you can do the same if you want quality hiring.

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Where To Share Your Blogs After Publishing

A Blogger’s main priority is to write quality content and wait for the audience to come and read their blog. But the wait feels monotony when it takes too long.

Despite of producing excellent content, our content goes unnoticed and ranks low in the search engine. Even some of our best content goes without being noticed.

The best and an easy way to get the traffic driven to our website is to make our content search engine friendly, so that people can find our content organically.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen always. This could be one of the reasons why we should promote and share our content on social media sites and to other websites in order to increase visibility, traffic and B2B sales opportunities.

After publishing a piece of content, you just can’t sit and wait for the traffic to come and read your content on its own. If you really do so and think that your content will get viewed automatically, you’re into a big misconception.

How will people get to know that you have written something on XYZ topic? You need to tell them. Activate yourself and contribute your efforts toward promoting and sharing your content among people. You are already aware of where your audiences visit regularly. Correct? Then, what are you waiting for.

Social networking sites like Facebook can definitely sound a great platform to share your content but on Facebook you mainly have audiences who are either your family or friends. They will hardly pay attention to what you write. Therefore, you should share your contents elsewhere websites and social medias too to reach large number of interested audiences.

Places To Share, Promote and Distribute Your Content After Publishing

As I already said that you know where your target audiences are, you need to follow those sites and share your content there. Don’t get trapped while sharing your contents only to those websites where everybody else is sharing.

Here are few places that you can think of sharing your contents to those places. Some of the places may be a right fit for your content to get potential audiences however, some of them may not work for you.

  • Guest post on bigger sites

There are some sites that host articles from variety of writers. Such big sites have number of audience visits each day searching for something specific. Contributing your writing to such websites can result fruitful and will bring audiences to your website.

All you need to do is to write targeted content to attract specific kind of audience. Even, some websites allow to repost the existing content where you can insert links to your new content or the contents that have already been published on your website and repost it.

Here’s a list of some bigger websites that offer opportunities to other writers to write for them:

It’s a thumbs up for you if you have a mailing list or newsletter of local subscribers. Because you can send them all your posts or some special posts based on your choice and requirements. This way a mailing list can be helpful in sharing the content to most of the audiences.

  • Google+ Communities

There you can find people with your mindset and same thoughts. Although it’s not very popular but some communities there, are always active. You may look for your topic, if some community is active. If things are going well then you too need to be active on that community and on the Google+.

  • LinkedIn Groups

Well, it’s known to everybody that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. People from every business community can be found there. People with the same mind skillset, with same background, same profession etc. can be found there. You just need to ensure that the content you produce is a quality content.

LinkedIn contains a directory of group where you can find your own where you think your content can be published, shared and paid attention. You can also put links to your website in the posts so that they can be directly driven to your website.

  • Tumblr

Tumblr can be a great place to write and share your content as it’s amazingly awesome to bring traffic to your website.

One can post any article and can add relevant tags. Again, you can follow and connect to like-minded people here.

  • Edit old posts to add links to your new content

One of the best to get your contents read and viewed is to edit your old posts and add links to your new content. It would be better if you pick some of your popular posts and add links there. This way you can lead your visitors to read your new content. This interlinking will also help with your SEO.

  • Answer questions on Quora

Answering questions on Quora can also be a great way to share your content to target audience. While answering, you can answer and put the links for more content or can put the links for the same content to continue.