The evolution of technology has changed the way the business world functions. This digitization of the business world has changed the paradigm of the business world. The business world has now shifted to the online and digital world. Nowadays, almost every business organization has either its business portal, or it is operating through a popular digital business platform. Creating your business portal might be a challenging task to do. To avoid the hassles and struggles of owning a business portal, numerous business organizations, enterprises and corporation get associated with various well-established and recognized business portals. These business-to-business portals offer you numerous distinct and beneficial features and services. These features and services help not only help you in reaching the international markets and business sectors, but it also helps you in gaining and sustaining a stable growth and development rate of your business organization.


Registering your business organization on a reliable and globally recognized business platform is one of the simplest ways to enter the global business and industrial sectors. In the present era, the digital business world experienced a rise in the development and growth of various B2B platforms. These business portals are helping hundreds and thousands of business organizations and enterprises in achieving their business goals, objectives, and daily milestones. Stated below are some of the fastest growing and globally trusted B2B platforms that might prove to be helpful in the expansion of your business firm and company:

  1. Alibaba:

This vast business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer portal was developed in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Ever since its development, Alibaba has been serving millions of business organizations, buyers, suppliers, and traders. Considering the vast number of associations it has with numerous renowned business organizations, Alibaba has become a global B2B marketplace of export and import of millions of products, items, goods, and services. Alibaba is striving to make the business world easily accessible and the business processes and goals easily achievable for the business organizations and their consumers. Alibaba offers you more than 40 different categories of products, goods, and services. Being one the most prominent and well-recognized player in the digital business world, Alibaba has expanded its services in numerous international regions.  It has associations with thousands of business traders, suppliers, manufacturers and dealers belonging to more than 200 countries and international business sectors.

  1. eWorldTrade:

This B2B platform was developed10 years ago. This B2B portal has become one of the fastest growing and rapidly growing business platform as it has associations with more than half a million business organization, traders and suppliers,  It is one of the most reliable business platforms which is providing best business solutions and services to help the business organizations in achieving their business objectives.

  1. DHgate:

Having more than a million products and business associates in more than 200 countries, DHgate is globally recognized and a reliable digital wholesale marketplace. This platform provides you with a wide variety of products ranging from electronics and machinery to elegant accessories and clothing items. This platform is known to have more than 5 million international customers and consumers.


If you own a business organization, then one of the fastest and modern ways of expanding your business prospects is to get your organization registered on a reliable and well-recognized business portal.