Benefits of new regional visa subclasses

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What are the key factors behind the introduction of new visa subclasses?

As the Australian government is taking many serious measures to develop its regional areas. In this context, two new visa subclasses are also introduced. There are many reasons behind the introduction of these new visa subclasses some of them are stated as under

  • The first and foremost reason is to invite talented individuals to regional Australia this will fill the void of skilled and technical individuals in regional Australia. This is done by creating new opportunities in regional areas and by encouraging mega-businesses in Australia to invest in these areas. All of this is expected to contribute towards the socio-economic growth of the regional areas of Australia.
  • Another very significant factor behind it is the high density of the population in metropolitan areas of Australia. If the population of these megacities keeps on increasing at the current rate then it will be uncontrollable in no time and will create a lot of basic problems like housing problems, fewer work opportunities, unemployment, etc. So to shed the burden of the population from the big cities it is very important to develop the areas other than these metropolitans.
  • Regional areas of Australia are sparsely populated that is why they always get fewer opportunities for prosperity. Generating new openings in these areas will lead to the development of regional areas into megacities of the future and will also help in the growth of population in these regions

What are these new regional visas?

Skilled regional visa subclass 491

A new visa subclass is introduced by the Australian government that is a skilled regional visa subclass 491. It permits its holder to come to regional areas of Australia and work, study and live there for a 5 years period.

One can apply for subclass 190 after completing 3 years in regional Australia under special conditions.

Employer sponsored skilled regional visa subclass 494

This visa is for the eligible employer in regional Australia to nominate an employee from overseas for a particular job for which the suitable talent is not available in Australia at that time

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What are the benefits of these new visas?

Following are some of the benefits of these new visas.

Work in regional Australia

As Australia is spending many efforts on its regional areas betterment. Many big names are investing in these areas that open many new windows for skilled individuals looking for employment opportunities in Australia.

Study in regional Australia

International students in Australia already enjoy many facilities and benefits. Along with getting a world-class education in regional Australia, you can also get additional benefits. If you have completed at least two years of vocational or higher education from a regional Australian institution then you may get a graduate visa with a span of 3-4 years. This counts as a major benefit for those students who wish to start their careers in Australia.


It’s being announced that the holder of new regional visas is entitled to Australian public health care program Medicare. This is a mega benefit as it will save a large sum of money one has to spend on doctor’s and hospital’s bills when needed and will also shed a big burden off the new migrant’s shoulders.


These new visas also entitle the children of international migrants to enjoy free school education like Australian citizens and permanent residents do. This is an amazing facility as the Australian education system is world-renowned and its degrees are recognized all over the planet.

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