Aluminium Wall Battens


For those looking to improve the security and versatility of their current shop fittings, the easyfit aluminium wall batten may be what you are missing. While some shops may already know of the design and structural benefits of a wall batten, many do not and, instead, rely on less integral support. Or they remain unaware that the wall batten is not only a great resource for securely mounting items but also to affix a variety of shelving, offering interchangeability for displays when required. If you are not already using the aluminium fitting, then here are some ways in which they may be useful.


The wall batten’s robust design is one of its main benefits, often adopted for supporting heavy and bulky items. However, they are beginning to appear in industrial and personal spaces that potential requires organised displays with immediate access. Spaces, such as a garage, that may seek to make use of tools being wall-mounted will benefit greatly from aluminium wall battens being used to store items such as drills and jigsaws upon a vertical surface, requiring minimal effort to dismount them.

Shop displays

When shopping for secure mounts, often you will find options that have safe but cumbersome methods of affixing the items in place, such as a rudimentary locking system. When trying to mount a large, valuable item, such as a frame or mirror, your preference is likely to be for ease. The Easyfit wall batten remains popular because of its simplicity to use. Items can be simply placed flush against the mount, with their corresponding batten, then simply dropped into place. Or, for more cautious and accurate positioning, the batten is designed to allow its partnered mount to be slid into place from the side. Furthermore, these can be easily and quickly swapped for other items or shelves. Meaning that adjustments can be made intuitively and with little training or risk of an issue arising.


Environments looking for security in their fittings but unable to compromise on the aesthetics of a display, the wall batten is perfect. The two affixed battens, upon the surface and the object, when connected, will extrude less than 10mm from the wall. Whether you are displaying an item or various shelves and slatwall panels, the batten is the fitting that will offer the most stability while imposing the least upon your store’s space. This is especially useful for stores with specific designs, such as rustic, since it allows for the continued use of wooden store fittings but with the reliability of strong mounted concealed behind.

Statement Pieces

For those looking to mount very large objects to a vertical surface that require support across a wider area, wall battens are essential. They can be measured and attached at key points to aid the safe display of items. This is often seen in art galleries or showrooms, which look for confidence and security in the bold position of a valuable, statement piece. In the case of such specific usage, it is recommended that you speak to your supplier or ask for an experts opinion. Reputable vendors will be forthcoming with necessary information, advice, and quotations to help you and ensure your display is totally safe.