A Guide to Stainless Steel Banding

  • What is Stainless Steel Banding?

Stainless steel banding has many practical applications in the binding and fixing of a whole range of objects; from securing heavy cargo on a ship to attaching a bird table to your fence!

Stainless steel banding is extremely durability, rust-resistant and most resilient in the teeth of exacting weather conditions and adverse settings.

This multipurpose wonder can be used to secure virtually anything, anywhere; from deep in the ocean to the garden shed. It is this flexibility and durability that that makes stainless steel banding so highly valued.

The banding comes in a variety of widths, each width recommended for specific requirements. The greater the strain the broader the band width required.

Furthermore the steel is available in different grades, for different applications. A good company will advise as to the most suitable product for your particular needs.

  • Where to find a reliable supplier?

The pretty standard response is, of course, search the internet. Although this can at times prove to be a thankless and frustrating task; information overload, confusing jargon and poorly designed sites.

By way of general advice:

  1. Ensure the company has an established trading history, with testimonials and a healthy portfolio.
  2. Is their website informative and easy to navigate?
  3. Can you speak to someone, knowledgeable and helpful, either by email or phone?

Take the first step, contact them with your requirements; this way you’ll quickly establish credibility and professionalism.

To save time trying to pin down a reliable supplier seek recommendations from other companies. One thing that may surprise you is how often the name of Reid Brothers UK comes up!

  • A good recommendation!

Some great Stainless Steel Strapping & Banding Suppliers, Reid Brothers UK, ticks all the right boxes. Here we have an incredibly experienced supplier (established 1868!) across a whole dynamic range of ‘fix-it’ solutions.

Reid Brothers UK supply heavy duty solutions to the offshore industry, that’s some impressive recommendation in itself.

The selection of products available is simply mind blowing! Equipment for a vast range of applications, laying underground cable, sign mounting and cable drum trailers, to, seemingly, every type of clip cleat or clamp imaginable.

The list seems endless, but don’t be intimidated, the website is well presented and neatly sectioned for easy reference. You should be able to quickly find all the answers, if not, use their contact form or telephone for further guidance.

And, should you live within the region of Glasgow, you can even pop in for a face to face chat. How about that!

Reid Brothers UK have massive amounts of stock, including plastic strapping and whole range of accessories; all your banding solutions in one location.

Their online ordering system is clearly explained and easy to activate. All in all great service back-up by helpful knowledgeable staff.

Visit Reid Brothers UK now for a more comprehensive overview.