7 Simple Trade Show Flooring Ideas That’ll Wow Your Visitors

Flooring Ideas

Though the pandemic has yet to end, the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to become more visible. And as businesses absorb the impact of the pandemic, one of the sectors’ tested methods for attracting clients is also taking a hit: trade shows.

Though trade shows are slowly trying to rebound, the air remains full of uncertainty. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t stop you from planning for the trade show you are looking to join next year.

And when it comes to your planning, you need to pay attention to your trade show flooring. The type of flooring you pick plays a big role in the overall look and appeal of your trade show booth.

And if you want something that will “wow” your visitors, we invite you to continue reading below for seven flooring ideas you can use for your next trade show.

1. Try Rollable Vinyl

The pandemic is reshaping the way businesses conduct trade shows. Today, companies launch virtual events to introduce their products. Still, there will come a time when things will return to normal, to a certain extent.

There will be days when consumers will again troop to various trade shows. And when that day arrives, you want your booth to look as appealing as possible. And when it comes to your trade show flooring, you may consider trying the rollable vinyl floor.

This is easily one of the most durable yet cost-effective options to consider. They masterfully mimic the look of stone or hardwood while keeping things lightweight.

And since they are rollable, it means they are portable. You can roll them up and set them up wherever your booth may be.

You can even find companies that offer customization services. This means you can make these rollable vinyl floors look like anything you want.

2. Use Custom Carpets and Rugs

Another fine option to consider is custom carpets and rugs. These carpets come in thin, felt-type material. Some of them even feature anti-slippery rubber backing.

This helps keep the rugs and carpets from sliding due to heavy foot traffic.

And since they are customizable, you can print your logos and any other design that you want on them.

Alternatively, you can go for plush commercial-grade carpets. These carpets are similar to what you see in bowling alleys and hotel lobbies. And like the former, you can also print your designs over them.

3. Tiles for Flexibility

If you want something that offers superb flexibility, go for tile. They are easy to set up and dismantle. They are also scalable, depending on your requirements and other specifications.

One of the most popular options for tile floorings is the interlocking floor tiles. Each tile features unique edges that interlock with another piece of tile. Each tile is lightweight but durable.

Most of these interlocking tiles feature high-density foam. This helps relieve pressure on people’s feet as they stand and walk around your booth for several hours.

Moreover, these tiles are customizable. You can print any design that you want to add to your flooring’s appeal.

4. Incorporate Colorful Lights

Another interesting flooring idea is using colorful lights. The idea is to install these LED light strips around your space’s perimeter. Alternatively, you can add these lighting solutions to key areas where your marquee products are.

Aside from flexibility, these LED lights are also waterproof. There’s no need for you to worry in case some of your booth visitors spill their drinks on the flooring.

Also, these lights are durable enough to survive heavy foot traffic.

You can also install them easily, as most of them come with a peel-off backing. The only challenge with these LED lights is picking the right colors. Sometimes, exhibitors choose colors that are too bright or gaudy.

5. Patterns Matter

In case you have no plans of showing off your branding on the floor, then use dynamic patterns instead. You want these patterns to be eye-catching. You want them to be bold and in-your-face to a certain extent.

One of the most effective patterns you can use is the herringbone. Incorporate this pattern on your foam wood grain or laminate floor to give off that elegant vibe.

Alternatively, you can use Chevron designs. They are like the herringbone designs but somewhat take the designs to a more complex level. Chevron tiles also feature standard rectangles.

However, they present the rectangles in several rows of parallelograms that interlock. These rows join end to end to create a seamless zigzag pattern.

But if these two options do not suit your taste, you can go for other patterns with two or three contrasting colors.

You can never go wrong with using contrast. You may even use this pattern in exhibit houses like the rebranded Rockway Exhibits. Visit Rockwayexhibits.com for more information.

Additionally, you can use trade show floor stickers.

6. The Rollable Bamboo Flooring

If to give your tradeshow hardwood flooring a different twist, give the rollable bamboo flooring a shot. Apart from being cost-effective and durable, the bamboo flooring will give you that natural vibe.

This will send a message to your visitors that you are pro-green and support eco-friendly solutions. Since it’s rollable, you can set it up and dismantle it in minutes.

7. The Raised Trade Show Flooring

If you want something more sophisticated, you can install the raised flooring tiles. The providers will install these tiles over the floor space of your booth. In turn, this will make your booth pop from the rest even more.

Apart from the ease of installation, raised tiles also offer more room underneath for your cables and other sensitive items. This keeps all possible hazards and eyesores out of sight.

Expand Your Trade Show Knowledge

By using the perfect trade show flooring, you can make your booth stand out from the rest. You can attract more visitors while staying authentic to what you stand for. But there is more to trade shows than using the right flooring solutions.

We invite you to expand your trade show knowledge by reading our other articles. We discuss topics that will help you massively in your next trade show appearance.