7 Essential Rules For Running A Web-Based Business

Business success team in an office in front of a laptop computer over a white background

Web Based Business

Fact: Of the thousands of people who start a web-based business every single day, only a tiny percentage actually succeed. So how can you increase your chances of succeeding online? Here are essential rules to live by:

  1. Create a simple yet professional-looking website.

For business-oriented websites, you don’t want to fill it with graphics, animation and lots of useless features. Make your website organized so that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

  1. Optimize your website properly.

No matter how great your website design is, if people can’t find it, then all your efforts will be for nothing. If you don’t know how to optimize your website to improve its ranking in search engines, you should contract professional SEO services. We recommend you find an SEO specialist who is familiar with your industry.

  1. Respond to your visitors quickly.

All your visitors are potential customers so it’s important that you respond to their email queries as soon as possible. People often take into consideration how long it takes a web-based business to respond to them when choosing which website to go with. Don’t lose potential customers to your competitor simply for failing to respond promptly.

  1. Take care of your customers.

You should always make your customers feel that they are important to you. Your goal is to get repeat business because it’s easier to get a repeat customer to buy from you than trying to convince a visitor to buy your products/services. Give your customers a reason to continue using your business. For example, you can give them exclusive discounts or host a one-day sale each month.

  1. Don’t be overly pushy.

In sales, particularly for online businesses, you need to be a little assertive so you can turn visitors into customers. That’s why a call-to-action is crucial in your web pages. But don’t be too pushy to the point that you will only turn people away. No one likes being overly pressured to purchase something. So instead of forcing them to buy, why not highlight the benefits of your product?

  1. Build your email list.

Every successful online business out there will tell you the value of a high quality mailing list. Get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or maybe offer a discount or a freebie if they sign up. Having a mailing list will ensure your potential customers and current clientele will receive updates on your recent promotions or new product launches.

  1. Take care of your employees.

Many small online businesses are run by 1-2 people, but there are also those who have 20-50 employees. If you have people working for you, make sure you take good care of them. Pay them well, treat them right and ensure they have the necessary training and guidance so they’ll always do a good job. Your customer support hotline should be manned by courteous and professional employees. They should be quick to reply to calls or emails, and they should know how to resolve common issues about your product/service/shipping etc.