5 benefits you can offer your staff to incentive them at work


As a small business owner, the chances are that you’re struggling to compete against bigger firms in terms of recruitment. You can’t afford the fancy city-centre office, the free health and dental insurance, or the “unlimited time off” promises. But there are ways that you can give back to your hard-working employees and incentivise them to perform at their best. Below, we have put together five out-of-the-box benefits that might just transform your business…

Bring your dog to work day

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Consider themed events and days that are centred around bringing your teams together and letting them have some fun. It doesn’t have to cost you a penny – for example, letting staff bring their puppies to work for an afternoon can add some fun and excitement into a dull month. Ordering a Domino’s when your team is working hard to fulfill a last-minute client order can keep them motivated. It’s a good idea to jot down some low-cost, high-engagement activities and work through them.

Birthday parties and celebrations

Make a fuss of your staff when it’s their birthday, buying them a cake and getting the whole office involved. Not only does cake show your staff that you care about them, but it’s a great opportunity to take a snap for social media to show off your office and give a behind the scenes look at your business. Impromptu parties, buffets, and quizzes will keep everyone in high spirits and ensure that your top-performers know that you really do care about them.

Free or discounted products

Whether you manufacture clothing or you’re an insurance broker, offering your staff free or discounted products or services not only help you to thank them for their hard work but it ensures they stay loyal to your brand both in and out of work. Depending on the nature of your business, you can even extend this offer to their friends and family to grow your sales.

Telecommuting as standard

As the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, staff don’t have to be physically present to be high achievers. It’s true that most business owners want to see their staff at their desks; it’s now a good idea to allow them to work from home whenever they wish. Not only does it mean that they’ll save money on their daily commute and parking, and spend a little bit more time in bed, but it cuts office costs, especially if you introduce a new hot-desking policy.

Invest in your workplace

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of investing in your workplace to show your staff that you care about their comfort and wellbeing. It’s so common to see growing businesses neglect their employees’ working environment – only for them to slowly jump ship to rivals as they feel like they’re not being looked after. From fancy office refits to investments in facilities management services like cleaning, security, and maintenance, there are many things you can do that don’t break the bank. A trip to IKEA is all it takes to revitalize your workplace!

How many of these benefits would attract you? Let us know and check back soon for more.