4 Types of Credit Cards Popular Among Millennials


The millennial generation is termed as one of the unique generations of all time. They need a credit card that perfectly suits their Sunday brunches and travel. The Zero interest credit cards are not for the millennial generation unless they have a promotional interest rate which is applied to every purchase made along with a signup bonus. So, for the millennial, we have come up with some of the best types of credit cards which are solely meant for the millennial generation. Our list of credit cards mean for the millennial generation includes Cashback credit cards which are best for the restaurant lovers, the Travel benefits credit cards which are best for the travel lovers, the Airline miles cards which is best for the people who like to travel without paying an annual fee, Rewards credit cards which is perfect for the shopping enthusiasts and the Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium for regular usage.

Regardless of the credit card, you are using, it always a wise choice to pay your bill amount in full as it will help you to avoid the interest rate. Accumulation of your interest rate on your billed amount will cause a devaluation of the rewards that you have earned by using the credit cards. So, while using a credit card, make sure that you are using it within your limits so that you can pay the entire amount at once. And in the event that you want to pay the fee annually, then it will help you to earn more rewards. But in order to offset the annual fee, it is essential that you use your credit card extensively.

So, without dragging the topic any further, let us have a look at the best credit cards and their advantages.

Standard Chartered’s Cashback credit cards

Among all the other cards, the Standard Chartered’s Cashback credit card provides its users with a high reward on the entire range of food categories. All the Standard Chartered’s Cashback credit cardholders will earn up to 4% on dining. With the help of the Standard Chartered’s Cashback credit card, one will also earn around 3% cashback on hotel and around 2% on any purchases made online. They will also earn 2% cashback on music streaming as well as on all Uber rides and flat 1% off on everything else. Within the first 90 days from the date of activation of the card, when you spend $500 using the card, you will earn up to $100 bonus which is almost equal to 10,000 points. Moreover, the best part about the card is that it doesn’t have an annual fee as well as a foreign transaction fee.

Standard Chartered’s Travel benefits credit cards

The Standard Chartered’s Travel benefits credit card offers its users with 50,000 bonus points when they spend around $4000 on purchases within the first three from the date of activation of the card. You will be earning three points for every dollar spent on travel, which will include the amount spent on taxis, hotels, and trains.

Standard Chartered’s Airline miles cards

TheStandard Chartered’s Airline miles card provides their users with a bonus of 10000 miles after they have spent $500 using the card within the first three months from the date of activation of the card.

Standard Chartered’s Rewards credit cards

If you are frequent shopper than it is high time for you to get the Standard Chartered’s Rewards credit card as you will get a gift card worth $70 instantly without any minimum balance spent.

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