Start with an Online Quote First Before You Place an Order for a Pallet Delivery

Start with an Online Quote First Before You Place an Order for a Pallet Delivery 1

If you have not yet used a courier service to deliver pallets of merchandise, contact a courier freight provider to have your enquiries answered and obtain a quote. Customer service representatives at the business can offer you recommendations on the needed export or import paperwork as well as advice on customs regulations. By using an online 24/7 booking service, you can also obtain a quick quote before proceeding with a shipment.

Enjoy Additional Savings

When you contact a logistics firm for your pallet delivery, simply give your shipping details so that you can obtain pricing and make arrangements for collection. You can also include insurance cover for shipping purposes. When you use a firm that has connections with all the major carriers and agents in the world, you can have your pallets shipped at a savings to you.

If you are seeking an instant courier quote online, you first need to select the destination from where you will be sending your large parcels or pallets. Next, you need to select the destination point. For example, maybe you are sending a pallet from the UK mainland to the Isle of Wight. You will insert these selections first. Next, you want to insert the postal codes for both locations. You must add the first part of each postal code for clarification.

Delivery by Road, Air, and Sea

You will also need to include the number of pallets and their sizes. All this information is needed in order to receive a competitive quote. When you choose an all-inclusive shipping provider, you can ship freight in one of three ways. Delivery is offered by road, by air, and by sea. You can also set up deliveries for dangerous goods.

Once you go online and book a delivery, you will find that the process is user-friendly and self-explanatory. After you have chosen your collection date and time for pickup, you will enter your credit card information on a secure payment page. Confirmation for your delivery will be verified by a receipt and an e-mail.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

The insurance cover that is offered is only good if the items that are shipped are packaged to withstand some of the abuses of transport. When you use a third-party shipper to manage shipments instead of making direct contacts, the communication is clearer and the shipping is more reliable. That is why it is helpful to use an online firm that has major links to carriers in the shipping sector.

Whether you are sending a full container or making a one-pallet delivery, going online and using a platform that is networked with logistics providers will streamline your deliveries and make your own efforts in customer communications simpler.

Make Sure You Understand the Terms

Always read the terms of carriage on the platform of the delivery provider that you choose. Make sure that you understand such terms of the trade as “consignment” (the delivered parcel or parcels); “consignee” (the receiver of a shipment); and “third party” (the platform through which an order is placed with a carrier). Clear communications are important when you are trying to make a delivery.

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